Are you ready for VC fundraising?

The huge wish and urgent need to get the cash in is not all that you need to get money from VC.

To be prepared for external funding you need a strong positioning, structured investor deck, fair startup valuation, and thoughtful answers to investors’ questions.

Do you know what questions I mean?

After the first introductory meetings where founders pitch the project, if you did it well and attracted investors’ attention - you will be invited to a second, third and next meetings, where investors will ask you questions while moving forward with the decision-making.

We collected the most common questions, asked by investors during the venture capital interview with founding teams. And as a result got the list of 101 questions that you need to know in advance to get better prepared for negotiations with investors.

Some of these questions sound tricky, some have a double bottom, but all of them are meant to understand what’s going on in the founders’ minds and assess their capability to execute the promises and bring the startup to success.

Below you’ll find the 20 questions that you’ll be 100% asked by investors. And if you need the full list 🧾 of questions, register on InnMind and find it in the knowledge base. It will help you to get better prepared for the negotiation part with venture capitalists and shorten the time for getting cash in.  

  1. How do you plan to make money 💶 for your investors?
  2. In your financial forecast we see significant revenue growth 📈, but no increase in operational costs. Why?
  3. Do you have pre-orders? What sales did you have so far? What’s your sales plan 📊 and forecast?  
  4. Will existing investors participate 🤝 in the round?
  5. How much did you personally invest 🪙 in the project?
  6. How did this idea come to your mind 🧠?
  7. What do you understand about this business 💎 that others do not?
  8. What is your competitive landscape and are there any competitors 💩 you're most afraid of?
  9. Why doesn't a huge corporation 🏢 create something like this?
  10. What is your go-to-market strategy ♟?
  11. What are the channels of online attraction? Which is the most 👌 effective?
  12. Describe your customer journey map 🗺?
  13. What is your highest ⚠️ priority for the next six months?
  14. What is your CAC 💰 (customer acquisition cost)?
  15. How can I, as an investor, help 💡 your project? Except money?
  16. You have achieved something before thanks to investments. How much 💸 money have you made since then?
  17. What intellectual property 🗄 do you own? Do you have a patent?
  18. What key additions to the team are needed in the short term? What key roles may need to be hired in the near future? What should be the team 👥 for scaling?
  19. Where will your company 🏛 be in 3 years?
  20. Describe your final goal and timeline ⏳ for achieving

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101 Venture Capital Interview Questions