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In this guide, we will be covering all the different aspects of this business and gaining an in-depth understanding of exactly what the business is and how it operates. After reading this you do not need to go to any other GoFounder reviews, as there is a lot of fake information available on the Internet.

This GoFounders review is incredibly comprehensive in nature and no detail shall be missed out when explaining to you in-depth about the business and how it operates. You are not the only person who doesn’t exactly have clarity about GoFounders operates, there are countless people who are also wondering what exactly the business is.
In a short brief, it is the sales website for an MLM company which is called ONPASSIVE. The majority of information about the company is a bit shrouded in mystery as the general public does not have access to all pieces of the puzzle. This article is completely honest and will guide you step-by-step in going through the main website and making informed decisions by yourself.

A Brief Summary on GoFounders.Net

The main product of the company is and serves as the main back office to the technological revolutionary company ONPASSIVE. The URLs are named directly after the businesses and are easily searchable online, these particular domain names are:

The main creator and founder of these excellent platforms are Mr. Ash Mufareh, who is hailed by many as an excellent networker, philanthropist, entrepreneur and technological messiah. The product type is simply an MLM which stands for multi-level marketing. The main products are the affiliate membership and technological tools available on the website as well. primarily acts as a sales platform that funnels people directly to the MLM company ONPASSIVE. The technological products are being built by a team of highly qualified professionals, who are building prototypes of advanced marketing tools. All of this information is public and is available on the main ONPASSIVE website.

Who is the founder of ONPASSIVE - GoFounders?

The founder of ONPASSIVE and GoFounders is none other than Mr. Ash Mufareh who is a pioneer and leader in artificial intelligence technology. Mr. Mufareh is a thought leader who has been researching the impact of technology in the past and has realized the significance of artificial intelligence technology.

Ash Mufareh has been striving for decades to provide a platform that can enable entrepreneurs and people alike in achieving their goals and dreams. He is a man with a vision and an entrepreneur who believes in the progress of society and culture through the effective utilization of artificial intelligence technology.

Many people have accused that GoFounders is not a legitimate business, however, that is completely incorrect as it is a fully functional business that has its own products and services.

Is Artificial Intelligence Technology The Future?

ONPASSIVE acts as a full-service marketing agency that has a more exceptional ability in being able to target your desired demographics. With the incredible power of ONPASSIVE AI, here are some of the seven ways in reaching out to the right audience for a product or a service.

Getting to know a better target audience

ONPASSIVE can significantly help you to get to know a better target audience! To reach out to your target audience, you need to precisely who they are first. Companies know very little about their current customers and how they should be reaching out with advertising.

It can significantly help you out with different aspects of market research, such as gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about a product or market. You can identify exactly who your current and potential customers are with metrics such as gender, age-range, and even household income.

Focusing on the needs of the target audience

Companies usually waste valuable advertising space and dollars, which can be invested in the business. An ONPASSIVE review is excellent as it can give you an understanding of the needs of the target audience.

Your target audience has comprised of executive chefs, doctors, or office workers for advertisements that speak to the needs of the customers. Ash Mufareh, ONPASSIVE, understands what you can do for them and how you can make their lives better and more straightforward.

Talking directly to your target audience

ONPASSIVE can help you to get better with your communication, especially with the tone of your advertising. The marketing message is delivered from a high and should not be focused on singing your praises.

You should always connect with the reader, listener, or viewer on a personal level and have a conversational rather than a lecturing tone. Your potential target audience should still feel that you understand their needs and how you can provide them with a product or service.

How can the platform directly benefit you?

It is completely possible for you to make money quickly with little investment from your behalf. You will learn how to be a successful marketer so that you can expand your business with more opportunities all with the help of the platform.

GoFounders is a one-of-a-kind business platform that can help you establish your name into the matrix to make money passively from your side. You can become successful as an entrepreneur by investing in this company and following this guide to become a domain leader and an expert in little to no time.


In conclusion, GoFounders is definitely not a scam and when you are investing in the company, you are securing a place for your self in the future. The technology is amazing at the moment and will only proceed to get better. By reading through this ONPASSIVE review, you can get a better understanding of what the company is all about!

This review should have been helpful for you in understanding the different ways this business model and the opportunity can drastically improve your business.

We hope this GoFounders guide has been informative in understanding and clearing your doubts about the future of the company. Thanks for reading this in-depth review in understanding everything there is to know about this business. Good luck!