Investors and VCs are seen as the main trustable source of the latest changes in the fundraising scale for the majority of startups. That is why we continue to ask the most influential VCs in the industry regarding their vision and forecast on the current situation as well as their main focus and what they are looking for at this very moment.

The next speaker in our series of interviews with investors is Dimitri Bolt, tech entrepreneur, investor and Managing Partner at Bolt.Investments

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InnMind: How do you estimate the effect of stock markets decline and how long do you think it may take to recover?

Dimitri Bolt: I am not an economist. There are tons of forecasts from competent scientists. I believe that they know what they say. I Believe them. As a micro-entrepreneur I am ready to work in the new reality. I hope I understand the new rules of the game, I understand how to work with clients and with partners in the new reality.

I.M.: How it will affect venture business and startups perspectives of fundraising? Are you going to pause your own investment activity or vice-versa?

D.B.: I cannot see the effect of the crisis on the Startup perspectives of fundraising. Moreover, this year I increased my Investment and I have been able to raise investments from my partners easier than earlier.

I can see good opportunities now so I hope I will be able to expand my business.

I.M.: Do you plan to change or amend your investment focus and criteria according to the current situation?

D.B.: The focus of my investments is determined by professional qualification. So I cannot and don't want to change my business direction. Moreover, I do not see the crisis effects on the economic structure. I can see that We must be more flexible, must use new ways of negotiations with clients and with partners. I can see that the crisis has changed the business environment but it has not changed the fact of the matter.

I.M.: What will you recommend to VC and angel investors, how to act during the crisis?

As usual, I recommend investing in most enduring companies, in startups which

  • are very flexible, are able to play the client's way;
  • are very fast, are able to reach a subproduct, an intermediate outcome quickly.

I.M.: What industries or business models may die and which may fly as a result of the global lockdown?

D.B.: The entrepreneurs must be able to do networking online. So we must increase our level in client relationships and in partner's relationships by using remote channels.

I.M.: There is a saying “any crisis can become an opportunity”. What potential opportunities (in which sectors or business models) can the current situation bring to startup entrepreneurs?

D.B.: I really took advantage of this lockdown. My business has always been global. For example, In Barcelona business life died, In London, something is being stirred, but in California, there is business life. I can manage the distribute staff. My colleagues work effectively in Moscow, Cambridge, Bay Area. So I have an advantage because I am global, we are very flexible, we can play the partners' way. Clients and partners get the same service in a new reality.

I.M.: What advice can you give to tech startups to secure and maintain their businesses in the current situation? How should entrepreneurs behave and act to recover faster and overcome the competitors during the crisis?

D.B.: See previous answers:

  • be global
  • be flexible.

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