InnMind, global ecosystem for startups & investors, together with Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures based in Silicon Valley, organize an online workshop on the 26th of May at 17:00 CET Time that will also be streamed live through InnMind YouTube channel.

The main focus of the workshop lies in the topic of “Getting to WOW!” or how to create a value proposition that will dazzle investors. Bill Reichert will give a 30-minute interactive lecture himself on how to capture the attention of any investor in just 20 seconds. Imagine that you have only a few seconds to communicate the essence of your company, what is the most important message to deliver? Bill will explain the key principles behind and then listen to the selected 10 startup teams, who will pitch their solutions to him in 20 seconds based on the learned information. A detailed feedback will be followed to all the presenters after each pitch.

InnMind is also opening an application process for startup teams who want to participate in the workshop and get selected to pitch in front of Bill Reichert. The prize here is obvious: get a chance to excite one of the most influential VC investors from Silicon Valley with your startup idea to develop further investment relations with his fund.

The application period will be closed by May 24th, after which the InnMind team will announce the top 10 projects who will be selected to participate in the workshop.

Fill in the form to apply for participation and we will contact you to give you details of the selection process.


The whole workshop session will be streamed live via InnMind YouTube Channel on the 26th May at 17:00 CET Time, so anyone willing to follow the event Live can join via the link that will be sent to you before the event.

Online Workshop: “Getting to WOW”

26th May 2020, 17:00 CET

Speaker: Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures

You can learn more about Bill Reichert from InnMind interview.

Interview with Bill Reichert from Garage Technology Ventures

In the interview, he shares his view on the economic crisis and global lockdown from entrepreneur's angle and gives practical advice for startup founders on how to protect your business during tough times.

He also gives insightful advice on how to communicate with the investors during the crisis and approach investors for funding.

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