InnMind together with S-Pro, an innovative software development and consulting partner, invite startups, entrepreneurs, C-level executives and the general public to join an online webinar streamed live through YouTube on the 20th May at 17:00 CET to figure out the top 5 startup challenges & mistakes while working with the outsourcing companies.

Serving as a best friend to technology-based companies, S-Pro is helping startups to become flexible, adaptive and mobile in the fast-changing world. Typical startups mistakes, challenges of working with IT outsourcing companies and other hot topics will be covered by the leading S-Pro specialists during the 1 hour online webinar session:

1. Getting certain results for uncertain tasks. Devil in details

In this topic, we will discuss the process of initial project estimation and options on how to avoid budget overhead. How to make it quick and efficient.

2. Choosing the tech stack without taking into account the product’s scalability

Essential samples & tips on the most vital processes at the beginning of the technical roadmap, how not to behave and what to take into consideration.

3. Startups without business value

There are many startups that rely on developers in the questions related to choosing features and eventually they lose their business value.

4. Choosing vendors based on price tags

How to choose the vendor based not only on price but on getting business value. Advantages and disadvantages of working with freelancers and software development houses.

5. Project development tracking. How not to become a hostage in the development process

How to establish efficient communication with suppliers, track the development and control the budget, and leave the availability to stop the development process and change vendors at any moment.

6. Q&A Session with the webinar participants.

Sign up for the live streaming session to ask questions related to your particular case or project, find answers to make the necessary changes and make your project a technological success from the very beginning.

All the participants of the webinar who signed up will receive a link to the online stream prior to the event on the 20th May at 17:00 CET.

Online Webinar:

“Top 5 Startup Challenges & Mistakes While Working With an Outsource Company”

20th May 2020, 17:00 CET



  1. Leonid Koloda - Chief Technology Officer, S-PRO
  2. Arseniy Burmistrov  - Head of Sales, S-PRO
    Experience:  5 years in helping Startups at an early stage
  3. Igor Izraylevych - CEO & Co-founder, S-PRO

Participate also at an interactive lecture from Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures and get a chance to pitch to him. Learn more here.

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