If you are starting your startup, and do not have yet a team of IT developers and web designers, here are the tools that will help you to build an MVP and integrate digital solutions without hiring freelancers and avoiding overrated costs.  

To start with, let’s take a look at a few instruments to set up your website:

Website creation tools

Wix is a website builder. Wix Artificial Design Intelligence helps you not only to create a personalized website but also add booking system, send emails and integrate other additional features to grow your business. Wix offers individual and business plans. With the individual plan, you can get free domain for 1 year, website booster app, removing Wix ads and other features for $12,50/month. Business plans start from $17/month.

Pulse is another service to create a website. Besides creating an awesome new website, you can edit an existing website even if it was created on another platform! You can use Pulse to create your own website for 97$ or to create websites for your clients for 297$.

XPRS is one more website builder. As they claim on their website, it is possible to use the tool completely for free, and basic paid options start from $8 per month.

Arcadier is a tool to create a marketplace without any code needed. It allows integrating payment service. The basic subscription starts at $34 per month.

With Unbounce you can create not only landing pages, pop-ups, but also the so-called “sticky bars” helping you to convert your traffic into registrations or payments depending on your goals.

Smoolis allows you to create websites with several languages and currencies. No free version available, the minimum subscription starts at $12 per month (if bought annually).


If you need a platform to create an online course, here are some ideas for you:

Tools for knowledge-base and courses

Courselle is an online learning management platform that helps to create online courses with multimedia lessons, quizzes, surveys, peer assessments, etc.

Thinkific is a tool to create, market and sell online courses.  

Kajabi is an instrument helping to create courses, launch marketing campaigns and survey, design websites and landing pages. It positions itself as a tool which is especially convenient for entrepreneurs.

Podia provides platform to create and sell online courses, digital downloads and memberships.

Pathwright is a community-oriented tool to build online course, set up schedules and course formats, engage with your students and support them in their learning process.  


Apps creation tools

Yapp is a tool to create your application for an event. Cost-efficient and simple option comparing to writing code for your application from zero.

Bubble helps to build software for a simple application and website or those with more sophisticated features without any code needed. Includes video lessons that help you to learn using Bubble fast.


Affiliate and Referral programs

InviteBox helps you to install the referral program on your website in minutes. You just need to set the rules of your referral program and copy and paste our widget code into your website page(s). Here you can choose one out of 3 tariff plans: up to 100/1000/∞ monthly participants and try it for free during 14 days. The price starts from $29/month.

This article will be useful for you if you have a WordPress website. Here you will find a review of different plugins for affiliate and referral programs, and learn how to set them up on your website.

Refersion is a service to help you create and manage a referral program for your customers. The service also offers you detailed reports to analyze your efforts. You can try it for free during 14 days.

PostAffiliatePro is software for affiliate marketing. It is one of the most reviewed and #1 rated affiliate software in the world. The software achieved such fame due to having many features: campaigns, unique promotion materials, reports, etc. In their blog, you can find more interesting information about affiliate programs.  After free trial, you can use it for $97/month, $197/month or $477/month according to your needs.

InviteReferrals is another great tool to create your referral program. First, you don’t need to make changes in code to integrate it into your website. Second, you can integrate referral program into your mobile application. Moreover, InviteReferrals is available in 20+ languages.

Referralsaasquatch is a referral program software with wide range of services. Here you can set a program for оn-demand services, subscription services, mobile apps and marketplaces. Here acquisition, loyalty, referral and retention programs will cost you from $1250/month.

Referral Candy will help you to do word-of-mouth marketing using its referral solution. It is easy to connect with marketing platforms and gives you the possibility to test it for 30 days for free. You can use this tool for $49/month.

Refer is one more referral instrument that also allows you to engage with the people who got referral links. You can customise the regularity and messages addressed to your list. You can use free tariff or get more features just for $10/month or $100/month.


Design Tools

Framer helps you to create an interactive design with code or without it. In their editor, you can design scroll, link and page interactions. You can also add a 3D effect or momentum.

Chartblocks is a builder app to create amazing charts in minutes without coding. Here you can pull in data from almost any source and even create charts that pull data from multiple sources.

Ceros is a studio to get more engagement with your customer. It is a platform for marketers and designers for creating interactive and immersive content without any coding.

Assembly is another design tool which applies a building block approach to creating new graphic designs.

Canva is a great tool for those who need to create designs, not only for business, but also for personal needs. It has a great number of free templates and design ideas.

Coolors is a tool where just a few seconds you can generate your color palette for the web page or app design.

DesignCap is an online graphic design tool that enables everyone to make striking graphic designs for their business, event, social media, and more.

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with 10,000+ templates that help anyone customize a compelling and unique logo in minutes.


Video Creation Tools

Animoto is a tool that helps to create videos for non-professionals.

Write-on Video is another video editing instrument, that will help you if you have no professional video-maker skills.

Camtasia is a screen recorder tool to create tutorials, demos, training videos both on Mac and Windows.

Veed.io is an online service for quickly video editing: you can start using even without an account. There is also a free plan to assess the opportunities of the service.

It also features audio and video conversion—from WAV to MP3 and MKV files, for example – along with more advanced functions such as AVI conversion into MP4 files or MPG transformation into MOV documents.

InVideo is online software that has seamless inventive video creation services with  4000+ fully customizable templates covering every major use-case or industry + pre-built elements in our asset library such as CTAs, stickers, and overlays + an in-built library of 3M+ stock images, video clips, and music. It is the world’s easiest video creation platform that’ll enable you to turn your ideas into gold-standard videos in mins, even if you’ve never edited a video before for less than $10/month.

Motionbox allows you to collaborate on videos with colleagues and friends regardless of where you are in the world. Provides a lot of templates, a music visualizer, video translation, podcast to video functionality, the ability to easily add subtitles and text, and the ability to crop audio, crop video, resize Gifs, and convert Youtube to MP3 among other features.

Promo is an online video maker wherein you can create high-performing videos. With Promo, having no experience in video making is not a problem. Promo has 4000+ ready-to-use templates that you can choose from, plus it has access to Getty Images and iStock's videos and photos which you can also use to make video creation more engaging. With Promo, you can easily create Social Media Videos, Video Ads, Explainer Videos, Product Videos, and many more types of video content.

FlexClip is a free online video editor that allows you to produce professional videos in a few clicks. With the royal-free media resources and ready video templates, everyone can make business videos, lifestyle videos and social media videos. No download and video editing knowledge is required. Another standing feature is that you can enjoy all the features in the free version and the exported video is watermark-free.

Clipchamp is a free-to-use online video editor that lets you create and edit videos the fun and easy way without compromising your options to fine tune the details. It offers a user-friendly editing timeline and is ready for immediate use right from Google Chrome browser. No downloads required. It has advanced in-app creation tools, special effects, royalty-free stock media, ready-to-use designer-made templates, free screen and webcam recorder, among other features.


Other tools

Tapglue is a platform with plug&play tools for your application. Tapglue specializes in tools for making the app social. Here you can add social feeds, user profiles, etc. into your app.

Yottaa is a service for website monitoring and optimization. This platform allows online retailers evaluate the website for free and get detailed report.

FluidUI helps you to create a web and mobile prototype easily and quickly.  One of the advantages is an opportunity to work with your team to create a prototype in real time.

Also, with FluidUI you can test your prototypes on any mobile or tablet.

Popcorn Metrics is a great instrument for marketing and sales teams to increase traffic and improve its conversion. It requires not much coding skill, as you will need only to copy its one-line code and paste it onto your webpage code.  

Signature is a tool to create HTML signature to your email. No coding needed. You can create your signature for free and edit it within 30 days.  

Haiku Deck will help you to prepare a beautiful presentation full of visuals without addressing a designer.

Stories On Board  is an instrument that would help you to map your customer journey by visualising the steps before making a decision about purchase.  

Transcriberry is a transcription service suitable for interviews and advertising. It accurately transcribes video and audio content to text. This way you can save much time and reach more audiences.


To finalise our list, we propose you a few platforms which will help you to gain knowledge of coding - if you finally decided that you need this skill.

Learning to Code tools

Codecademy is a place for learning to code. This academy has existed for 7 years and given knowledge to 45 million learners. Check their programs and courses to find something for you.

MDN Web Docs is a resource where you can learn web development. The aim of MDN is not to take you from "beginner" to "expert" but to take you from "beginner" to "comfortable" level. If you have some knowledge about web development you can also join this community to learn something new.

Trinket is a tool to help teachers and students in coding. Trinket works with any browser. Students can run, remix and share code from their browser, on any device. Here you can also find free lessons and tutorials.

SoloLearn is a website where you can learn coding using the most popular languages. A big advantage is its user-friendly application that will help to learn even on-the-go.

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