Institutional capital has flooded into the cryptocurrency and blockchain market in recent months, with both MicroStrategy and Tesla adding a billion dollars of bitcoin to their balance sheets. While the media sat bolt-upright in their chairs and widely reported these buy-ins, the goings-on in crypto start-ups funding are just as newsworthy, as blockchain-focused venture capital proliferate at a rapid rate, deploying capital through tokens and equity stakes.

Below we have mentioned 20 most active VCs in crypto who are actively investing in DeFi projects, Crypto tokens, NFT’s and startups disrupting fintech and other sectors through the  decentralization revolution.

💰 Fabric Ventures

Location- London, UK

Stage- Early Stage

Fabric Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in scalable decentralized networks. It is a VC fund backed by OpenOcean and Firestartr. Moreover, Fabric Ventures is building on OpenOcean’s peerless open source pedigree and Firestartr’s background in seed investing and blockchain focus and is backing the boldest projects forming the foundation of the ‘Fourth Age of Open Source’. Fabric Ventures manage portfolio of 22+ Investments.

💰 Ascensive Assets

Location: Amsterdam, Seoul

Stage: pre-seed and seed

Geo Focus: Global

Ascensive Assets is a private investment firm focusing solely on the digital asset industry. With offices in London, Amsterdam and Seoul, they invest in early stage blockchain, crypto and defi startups globally. Among most notable investments among 11 portfolio companies there are Polkaswitch, Yield Guild Games, Kine Protocol and Frax (one of the fastest growing companies).

The founding team led by Oliver Blakey has a deep knowledge and huge industry expertise that allows them to provide strategic support to portfolio companies in addition to cash fuel.

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💰 PetRock Capital

Location: Singapore

Stage: Early Stage

PetRock Capital is a venture capital based in Singapore with a laser focus on building a multichain future. The firm invests in purposeful applications on Layer 1 blockchains, with an emphasis on the Solana ecosystem. PetRock Capital is founded by individuals from Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting Group, PwC, and Aura Group. On top of their collective knowledge from investment banking to management consulting, the team also comes with years of experience and a network of key relationships in the blockchain space.

PetRock Capital delivers unrivalled quality for their portfolio projects beyond capital injections and are known for on-the-ground partnerships formed with their invested projects. In 2021, PetRock Capital has invested in over 20 projects, with notable ones including Raydium Protocol, Genesis Shards, Babylon Finance, Star Atlas and Konomi Network.

💰 Cryptomeria Capital

Location: China

Geo Focus: Global

Stage: Pre-seed and Seed

Cryptomeria Capital was founded in 2020. The firm focuses exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain technology and crypto assets. The team has extensive knowledge about the blockchain industry landscape both in the East and the West.

Cryptomeria Capital, with the full access to the most influential media in the Asian blockchain industry, Chinese crypto funds and global crypto exchanges acts as a gateway for overseas blockchain projects, aims to bridge the gap between the two sides and help projects to localize in the most efficient way possible.


Location: Amsterdam, New York

Stage: Any

GEO Focus: Global

TRGC is a digital asset fund focused on investment opportunities in Blockchain protocols and DeFi applications, aiming to accelerate the next paradigm shift of the internet and decentralised finance sector. The firm invests in both liquid digital assets and backs exceptional teams at their earliest stage.

The portfolio includes KAVA, Polkadot, AVA, Reef and other great startups in DeFi and NFT space. In addition to cash investments, TRGC supports portfolio companies in industry connections, regulatory issues, helping them to build communities and construct flourishing ecosystems

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