March 2021 is officially marked as the most fruitful month for InnMind DeFi startups. Even if you feel critical towards the crypto finance and tokenized startups’ space, you should keep an eye on what’s going on in this sector in 2021. And it’s going crazy! The Decentralized finance (known as DeFi) keeps hitting new highs in its most popular metrics: starting from an aggregate $600 million in assets in 2019, DeFi protocols have grown to nearly a million users, $40 billion in assets and nearly $60 billion in market capitalisation in 14 short months.

During the VC Shark Tank Pitching Session that took place in March and was focused on the DeFi & Crypto industry, 4 out of 8 startups that were pitching already received offers from investors and 2 deals have already been closed within 1 week after the session! Considering such a success rate after the first session, we decided to provide more opportunities for both DeFi investors and startups to get connected to each other for deal origination at the Second Edition of InnMind DeFi pitching session already on the 15th April!

VC.Land (Spain)

VC.Land is a platform developed in-house with some of the best Venture Capital funds in Spain. The company provides to each client a ready-to-use platform which can be tailored to their needs: users can create own indicators, cross-fund metrics, advanced simulations, reports, etc.

Quant Infinity Holding Ltd (Cyprus)

The company is the holding of Algo Capital LLC, investment company founded in 2003. Quant Infinity Signal Ltd specializes in the development of software for algorithmic trading strategies and investment management.

Catalyst GEM (USA)

Catalyst GEM is a scalable, flexible, platform that is purpose-built to eliminate gross efficiencies in international student recruitment. Using the latest cloud technologies, the platform scales strategic partnerships to generate international student applications to high schools, colleges, and universities and lays the groundwork for additional subscription products and services.

SharpShark (Chile)

SharpShark is a blockchain-powered SaaS that helps content creators to protect their intellectual property by tokenizing it as NFT. Also, it monitors violations and helps to resolve copyright disputes.

MetisDAO (Canada)

Metis DAO is a platform for other people and organizations to collaborate in a decentralized manner in different ways, such as creating and managing their own business entities, communities; minting and trading NFT tokens, finding and completing freelance jobs, earning rewards and reputation.

Scaleswap (Switzerland)

Scaleswap is a fully decentralized IDO launchpad - harnessesing the power of an advanced layer 2 scaling protocol. The company has the ambition to become the #1 DeFi launchpad for innovative blockchain-based projects on their path to a successful launch and decentralized exchange listing.

PankhTech OÜ (Estonia)

PankhTech focuses on developing wearable neurofeedback products to cater to different market needs. The Product Neuphony brings you the benefits of neurofeedback at the comfort of your home with the help of our headband and a mobile application.


FIDEM is a company which produces non-invasive cancer tests, able to detect the tumor growth in a body at the first stage of cancer with sensitivity 84-95%, and the presence of a malignant tumor with sensitivity 85-97%. FIDEM tests require only some drops of blood, with results ready in 1 day.

Tongadive (UK)

The company brings a disruptive approach combining Blockchain with Neural Networks based AI technologies in healthcare supply chain context . The product, Traceken, is a lightweight solution that helps healthcare stakeholders build secure, immutable, trustworthy and transparent digital footprint of products on their journey from source to end consumer.

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