Covering an essential topic of revenue generation for scale-ups, we invited a special guest - Anton Antich. He is a Board member at InnMind, COO at Intento, ex-Veeam, and a serial techpreneur and investor with an outstanding track record. He joined Veeam when it was an early-stage startup and grew it to a multinational company with over 1 billion in annual sales!

At the upcoming private workshop designed for startups from InnMind network on the 26th of November at 17:00 CET, Anton will go through and facilitate the answers to the following questions that any growing startup encounters:

  • Five stages of a company’s growth from $0 to $100 mln in global markets
  • Hierarchy of company’s operations management
  • Focus on end to end revenue generation:
  • How do people buy?
  • How should you sell?
  • Why do you need marketing?
  • Why do you need a channel, and why does everyone underestimate it?
  • Framework for managing Sales & Marketing at all stages of the process
  • What to do next?
Anton Antich, Speaker at InnMind Private Workshop for growing technological startups

If you’d like to join the workshop and get insights on how to achieve your international growth targets through the practical revenue generation process, register your startup profile on InnMind (free of charge) and sign up for the workshop using the form below:

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