While startup entrepreneurs build technologies aiming to improve our lives, certain politicians have provoked wars, ruining the lives of millions of innocent people. It is impossible to stay quiet and silently observe this. At InnMind, we promote the opportunities of people to flourish and succeed in business and in life. We will always protect this.

We have team members from countries around the globe, including Russia and Ukraine. To make any difference we can and actively show our solidarity with the international community and the people of Ukraine, we have joined “Unchain Ukraine”. This is a wide-reaching initiative founded by the global tech community, created to support the people who are facing the horror of war in Ukraine today.

Unchain Ukraine uses blockchain and crypto-finance technology to crowdfund humanitarian aid for affected civilians through migration support, means of communication, medicine, cybersecurity, protective equipment, food, transport, and more.

Over USD 1.5m has already been raised by Unchain Ukraine through crypto donations. Many leading reputable companies in the blockchain and crypto sector have already joined in giving to Unchain Ukraine: NEAR Protocol,  Harmony Protocol, Scaleswap, Gitcoin, 1kxnetwork, Atlantis World, Allbridge.io, Binaryx, MoneyWeld, with over 700 more contributors coming together to make a difference. The community in support is growing every hour.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology and multisig signers ensure full transparency and traceability of donated funds. This is especially important in a time when the world is in chaos and many scammers will try to profit from the panic and distress. To counteract this, the Unchain Ukraine community will vote and decide which charitable organisations and private cases will receive the financial support.

Blockchain and crypto is globally recognized as an enabling technology that eliminates bureaucratic and geographical borders and democratises access to financial services, information and communication. In today’s world, with the added influx of manipulated information and global financial systems feeling the strain, technology can unite the international community to help the common people.

We believe it is time to prove crypto and blockchain are not just hype and speculation. This peer-to-peer technology enables people to support each other during such difficult times and to make the world a better place. After all, shouldn’t that be the common goal of our wonderful technology community in the first place?

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