On 25th of June, InnMind organized a Shark Tank Startup Pitching Session event to connect tech startups and investors from over the world.

11 startups from InnMind platform were selected to participate in the event:

Investment “Sharks” of the day:

  • Borja Balleste from Inveready VC,
  • Judith Cruxent from GoHub.Tech,
  • Oliver Blakey from Ascensive Asset Management,
  • Sergey Toporov from LETA Capital,
  • Maria Juesas from InnoCells
  • Special guest: Igor Shoifot from TMT Investments

During the Shark-Tank each startup made a one-minute elevator pitch to present their ideas and continued with a Q&A session, where each investor could ask additional questions to understand the details about the business model, traction and development plan. At the end of the shark-tank we asked VC investors from the jury to share their feedback and give actionable advice for startup founders on how to make a better elevator pitch.

Sergey Toporov from Leta Capital advised startups to focus on bright and impressive information to lure investors to catch the attention first and then continue with questions from investors.

Borja Balleste from Inveready VC suggested startups to concentrate on 3 company achievements or strengths. He mentioned that it is better than saying fast facts because investors engage more proactively with stronger points.

Maria Juesas noticed that some of the startups forgot to mention about their customer development strategy which is meaningful in her decision making. Having customers acquired can also be a meaningful strength for startups. She also paid attention that founders should have a pitch template which includes a revenue model and go-to-market strategy explained to help investors learn more about your startup’s traction and vision.

Oliver Blakey, as a private investor, said that simplicity in a startup pitch is important for him. He advises startups to focus on one important aspect: the value of the product and why people may need it.

You can watch the record of startup pitches below to better understand the format of the session and work on your own pitch based on the comments received to get better prepared for next events or internal communication with current investors:

This Startup Pitch Session was the second event in the series of meetings with investors. If you want to participate in the next sessions please follow the dedicated website and fill the form.

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