It’s getting hot not just because of the boiling summer weather but also due to the amount of new startups that are joining the InnMind network on a daily basis. In June, InnMind community grew by over 500 new technological startups that have already started their growth path together with us!

From pre-seed to series A stage and with a wide range of diversity in solutions, the following list contains top 10 InnMind startups featured in our June Startup Digest Edition:

  1. Kestya (France)
    Kestya is an online platform that allows teachers to give their students a way to ask questions about a course in an anonymous and unconstrained manner, even before or after the lecture. And thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Kestya begins to answer questions progressively and becomes more efficient and autonomous over time.
  2. Aton Technology (Estonia)
    Aton Technology is the first Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) building and using decentralized, distributed, AI, and post-quantum computing technologies in the Financial and Healthcare sectors for worldwide use and implementation.
  3. Navigation Engineering (Russia)
    Navigation Engineering is a team of physics, electronics & telecommunication engineers with 10+ years of experience in R&D, control systems development, and actual operation of UAVs and unmanned boats.
  4. Robin Brick (Spain)
    RobinBrick is a platform that horizontally connects the data from different departments of a retail company improving efficiency and vertically connects almost 20 applications used at the point of sale with our artificial intelligence. Each of these applications allows you to optimize processes, capture employee knowledge at the point of sale, capture data on demand and especially increase sales.
  5. ARQ (Russia)
    ARQ is building a product of the same name, ARQ Editor, for creating Augmented Reality without programming. To put it simply, this is Tilda or WordPress for AR.
  6. Smart Credit (Estonia) offers crypto P2P lending solutions: 1. Via the Credit As A Service API integration with crypto wallets, crypto marketplaces and crypto payment providers 2. Via Private Fixed Income Funds - Passive investors can define rules based investment strategy and earn passive income 3. Via low collateral requirements - Borrowers have 2x-3x less collateral requirements than other crypto platforms (the Co-Founders are CFA's).
  7. Caer Sidi (Estonia)
    Caer Sidi is a platform that increases the value of entertainment industry products for end-users thanks to the software solution and built-in NFC tags.
  8. Toscale (USA)
    A crypto management tools aggregator with manual and automated trading on top exchanges with the ability to create their own algorithms without any programming skills, dynamic portfolio management, and access to the professional terminal.
  9. OnTrac (USA)
    OnTrac's mission is to help people live happier, more balanced lives by simplifying the process of achieving their life goals. OnTrac's does that by helping users set SMART goals, breaking bigger goals into smaller pieces, and providing a plan of action for each specific goal and scheduling task outs. OnTrac then automates progress tracking across health, financial, and time management goals which results in really insightful life dashboards.
  10. My Paramedic (Germany)
    24h monitoring of vital signs read from wearable smart devices, analyzing taking into account a current activity and individual body characteristics in real-time.

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