This list of tools will help you to:

  • understand weaknesses of your business;
  • create and spread ads about your product on different platforms;
  • effectively communicate with clients via emails, push messages, etc.
  • analyze customer behaviour and data;
  • involve your customers and followers in referral programs.

Try these services to reach a new level of revenue!


Ahrefs helps you to learn why the competitors get high ratings in search engines and what you should do to exceed them.In the service, you can access the following tools: competitor, key world, backlinks, content and position analysis.The offers start from 99$ a month.


Crello is a free online editor for creating video, pictures and animation for your social media and blog. In Crello’s library, you will find over 4000 animated templates and 2000 objects.

You can use Crello for free with certain limitations or buy a subscription for 7.99$ a month.


FlexClip is a free online video editor for any startup to produce attractive videos. It offers premade video templates on different topics for you to customize. Whether you want to make a short intro for your YouTube channel or a Facebook video for your company page, you will find the temples you like. You can use FlexClip for free with certain limitations or buy a subscription for 5.99$ a month.

Facebook Ads

This service allows you to manage ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.In Facebook Ads, you can use a number of settings to attract your target audience with different options of ad text and pictures. The service also contains an initiative interface and tips mode.

It’s a service of context ads in Google Search Engine.

if you are a beginner, you can start withGoogle Ads by:

  • establishing advertisement goals;
  • defining target audience;
  • setting the geo-targeting.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is well-known as business social media aimed to find business contacts.

The ads service of LinkedIn has different filters to distinguish your target audience. There is also an opportunity to target position and company size.

VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

VWO is a tool for testing optimization and personalization. With VWO you can explore customer behaviour and preferences with A/B testing, split URL testing, click map, usability testing and much more.You can try this service with certain limitations or you can buy a pan for 99$ - 467$ a month.


With Tilda, you will create a wonderful website without coding. To your website on Tilda, you can add forms for feedback, surveys, payment systems, website search and other things to enhance the user experience.You can start using Tilda with a free trial and then choose a subscription that fits your demands.


It’s a service to create сalculators, quizzes, surveys and forms without coding. This service allows you to upload formulas from Excel, provides discount calculation, large template library and dynamic charts. You can also work in Outgrow with your team members.You can buy a Basic plan for 3.2$ a month.


Mixpanel is a web platform for mobile analytics and customer behaviour analysis in real time.In this tool, you can widely work with user notifications. You can get A/B testing of different notifications, change their design and send notifications to users inside the application. You also can segment the users and integrate user surveys to the application.Mixpanel gives users an opportunity to try the service for free or choose the subscription from 89$/month.

Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on

This tool will help you to make reasonable decisions in business.Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on provides an analysis of websites, social media activities, mobile data and analysis of conversion to give you the complete picture of your business growth. In addition, the service is absolutely free.


Firebase is a cloud service that is full of different functions:

  • A/B testing;
  • application data storage in cloud;
  • data storage in JSON;
  • analytics integration;
  • dynamic links.

Intercom Tours

This service teaches customers how to use your products with video instructions, bot helpers and other things.

The company offers its users an Essential plan - 87$/month and Pro plan - 153$/month. You can also try the service for free with some limitations.


Hotjar is all you need to learn more about visitors’ needs and transform them into clients:

  • click map and click comparison;
  • direct chat with customers;
  • forms and traffic source analysis;
  • FAQ creating based on feedback;
  • testers recruiting and other functions.

For users, Hotjar offers a free plan with limitations, Plus plan (29$/month) and Business plan (89$/month).


It’s a platform for online marketing including email, automation, webinars, landing pages and CRM.GetResponse will help you develop your business thanks to numerous options:

  • drag & drop editor for letters;
  • 500+ letter templates and 100+ landing page templates;
  • integration with Google Analytics, social media, PayPal and YouTube;
  • A/B testing;
  • adaptability for mobile devices.

GetResponse subscription starts from 15$ a month.


Multifunctional service of push-notifications:

  • APNs;
  • GSM;
  • import analysis;
  • back-end;
  • developer tools;
  • mobile marketing.

You can use OneSignal for free, for 99&/month and for 500$/month.


It’s a service to analyze subscription business and create reports.

In Chartmogul you can get:

  • real time business analytics for Stripe, Braintree, Chargify, Recurly and PayPal;
  • sample of CLV, LTV, ARPA and cohort analysis.

Try Chartmogul for free and then use the Scale plan for 100$/month.


UECalc searches and checks business models using Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints.In this service, you will explore weaknesses in your business model, calculate basic and mixed monetization models, check economic convergence, etc.

There is no subscription or plan: you can use it daily - 9,95$, monthly - 29,99$, or annually - 95,95$.


A service for the creation of referral programs:

  • activation of existing clients, followers, partners and influencers to start word of mouth promotion;
  • simple setup in 15 minutes;
  • A/B testing;
  • customizable cookies;
  • mass payments.

Rewardful plans start from 19$ a month.


A tool for product management, problem search, feedback collecting, user research and release planning.In ProductBoard you can use the following tools:

  • opinion research;
  • problem segmentation;
  • module boards;
  • status monitoring;
  • lifecycle management;
  • road maps.

ProductBoard offers a free trial with certain limitations, Individual subscription for 9$/month, Team subscription for 99$/month and Business one for 199$/month.


Supermetrics helps to customize data uploading from Twitter, Facebook, SEMrush, YouTube, Bing Ads and other platforms.

In Supermetrics, you can access a number of tools that simplify work with data:

  • Supermetrics for Google Drive is a tool that works with tables and Google Docs files;
  • Supermetric Uploader is a data uploader in Google Analytics and other things.

Start using Supermetrics from 19$/month.


BrandMentions is a web and social listening tool, that appeared on the market from a personal frustration: the incapacity of accurately monitoring brands and competitors. There was no tool on the market that would send daily notifications about any brand or product, as soon as someone was talking about them online.

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