On the 20th of May at 17:00 CET InnMind together with S-PRO, an innovative software development and consulting partner, held a live webinar on YouTube focused on “Top 5 Startup Challenges & Mistakes While Working With an IT Outsource Company”.

Moderated by the InnMind host, experts from S-PRO concentrated on delivering a practical value to the audience, that was proactively asking questions and interacting with the participants. The main goal was to explain and provide insightful knowledge on what type of mistakes most startups commit while working with an IT outsourcing partner and how to avoid them since the beginning. The speakers also talked about the different methods of how to make your work more cost-effective, how to choose the right vendor and what is a correct way to delegate tasks.

S-PRO Experts:

  • Leonid Koloda - Chief Technology Officer, 16 years in product+outsource, worked with Honda Innovation, Turkcell
  • Arseniy Burmistrov  - Head of Sales, S-PRO, 6 years in business development, banking background
  • Igor Izraylevych - CEO & Co-founder, S-PRO, 10 years in outsourcing, personal startup experience

Speakers’ content turned out to be far more engaging than the audience expected and the webinar ran for two hours instead of the initial one. The audience remained proactive till the very end, asking questions based on their specific cases and current challenges.

If you want to get access to a full presentation from the webinar on Top 5 Startup Challenges & Mistakes While Working With an IT Outsource Company, leave your email below to download the materials.


S-PRO professionals will also organize a special interactive workshop as a part of InnMind & Draper University offline event - Startup Bootcamp 2020, a 5-day acceleration course for entrepreneurs that will take place 17-21 October in Catalonia, Spain. Click here to apply for participation.

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