"- We're spending $ 50k/month on marketing to boost our Twitter & Telegram."

"- And which channel's the most efficient?"

"- We haven't analyzed it."

Or how about this?

"- We invested $ 35k to feature our project launch in Cointelegraph & other major outlets."

"- And what's the traffic, conversions, new users from each feature?"

"- Uh... šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø"

Sound painfully familiar?

This was the narrative of countless crypto startups in 2020-2021.

Eager to dazzle investors, they played the numbers game.

Mass shilling, bot purchases, airdrops, targeting impressive metrics.

Yet, when the dust settled, many faced a harsh reality. šŸ’€ Those inflated numbers? They were often bounty hunters and speculators ready to dump tokens, chase down teams, and dismantle projects shortly after IDO/TGE.

fake followers in web3 marketing meme

It wasn't about cultivating a genuine, loyal community. It was a chase for vanity metrics, a race to generate fleeting hype.

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Back to nowadays market conditions: with tighter budgets and a more discerning audience, the old playbook doesn't cut it. Yet, I still see founders in the dark about organic growth, community building, and executing effective Web3 growth strategies.

But digest this:

The Web3 space has matured, and so have the strategies to navigate it.

It's time to move past the superficial metrics and focus on what truly matters: building a loyal community and driving genuine engagement.

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