In today's fast-paced world, the importance of education has never been greater. In a digital revolution where neural networks and artificial intelligence are rapidly replacing humans, the need to adapt and constantly learn is paramount. Education is our compass in this sea of change, giving us the skills and knowledge to stay relevant and competitive.

And the very nature of knowledge itself is also changing dramatically. Traditional models of learning are being challenged as the pace of innovation accelerates and information becomes more accessible than ever before. This is a time that demands revolutionary thinking and unconventional approaches to education, where adaptability, creativity and critical thinking come to the fore.

For now, blockchain technology, which enables immersive, accessible and personalized learning experiences, is in the early stages of adoption in education. According to a 2019 survey by research firm Gartner, only 2% of higher education institutions are implementing blockchain, and another 18% expected to do so within the next two years.

Of course, the main drivers of progress in Web3 education are startups. It is coming up with new concepts, creating unusual models, and revolutionizing learning. These startups are not just teaching us, but changing the way we learn and apply knowledge in this era of digital transformation. For example, Encode Club is gamifying education on the blockchain to make learning fun and accessible.

These startups are not just teaching us, but changing the way we learn and apply knowledge in this era of digital transformation. They are bringing the power of emerging technologies to education and unlocking human potential.

We decided to introduce you to these pioneers of the education industry and prepared a selection of the best startups, each of which is a beacon of learning innovation.

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This is a mobile education platform that allows you to learn about cryptocurrencies and Web3 in a game-like way. It is designed for both beginners and experienced next-generation Internet users. With interactive tutorials and rewards in the form of NFTs, collectibles and tokens from sponsors, users can learn and earn at the same time.

Learnify operates on a B2B2C model and offers advanced courses for users seeking professional development.


The leading platform in the AR/VR/MX Reality segment, specializing in B2B, training and education. The project team has already launched two apps — AR MARKET (B2B) and AR MARKET JUNIOR (B2C) — compatible with modern handheld and mobile devices. These mobile apps for Android and iOS, allow users to create and view augmented reality. Users can use them to create interactive training courses, visualize objects, and more.

AR MARKET use immersive technology to easily create content, offering AR experiences for education, tourism and marketing, and developing situational VR training. In Edtech, they are revolutionizing learning with AR/VR and gamification, creating dynamic educational products.

Education Management Corporation of Australia

It is a company that provides a wide range of courses and programs in business, marketing, management and technology. In addition, the startup helps applicants seeking to study in Australia or other foreign countries with migration and student visas. EMC's mission is to make education and related services even more accessible to both students and faculty.

EMC also provides career advice and access to an effective online platform for those who want to improve their language skills, IT knowledge and more.


Zoy LLC1 was founded by Afshin Shaw, a product manager with 15 years of IT experience. The startup develops software for children and has already released a unique app, a storybook called Zoy.

The Zoy app, developed in collaboration with leading experts in child psychology, promotes social-emotional learning (SEL) in children by helping them understand themselves and their environment. It focuses on the key components of SEL: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. It also provides a safe learning environment in which children can recognize emotions and learn self-regulation.

The Students Coin

The Students Coin is an innovative student-focused app and cryptocurrency. This platform, combined with a comprehensive financial ecosystem, is designed to help students around the world generate passive income. Students Coin also gives students valuable knowledge about Web3 and cryptocurrencies, preparing them for the workforce and the ability to plan their finances.

Students Coin offers two types of coins — stable and power coins, both designed to generate passive income. The main goal is to help students with their student loan debt payments by investing strategically.

The app offers a myriad of ways to generate income, such as betting, sports rewards, citizen rewards, lotteries, and a Play-to-earn mechanism.


An educational online platform that provides people with top-notch financial knowledge and assistance in achieving financial independence. Its main goal is to explain complex financial concepts in simple language, and to give students the confidence to manage their financial affairs effectively.

The THRIVEINTRADE team provides only useful, unbiased and comprehensive content that is reviewed numerous times by qualified and experienced fact checkers. They carefully review each training material for accuracy, relevance and timeliness and ensure that the information is drawn from the most up-to-date sources, including data from government agencies, academic institutions and major financial institutions.


A platform that ranks universities and academics based on their impact in 24 academic disciplines, and provides university rankings based on faculty and graduate success.

The AcademicInfluence team uses machine learning to rank academics in their fields of study, and to rank colleges and universities based on aggregate evaluations of their faculty and graduates.

Thanks to this platform, applicants can easily find the best schools, as well as read valuable advice about getting a higher education.


A startup founded by two teachers Marek Liška and Lukáš Král, who have developed interactive, individualized courses for high school and college students ages 9 to 19 in 5 academic subjects (math, chemistry, biology, physics, geography). The main feature and value of their training materials is that they are written by students themselves.

Now the project team is working on a solution for online learning, where the main components will be personalization, gamification, practice tests, interactive videos, and a special approach to pricing policy.

iProf Evolution

An online learning platform that provides technology-based courses for students with learning disabilities. iProf Evolution uses a neural network to understand students' cognitive skills and provides a fully adaptive solution with a unique and personalized profile.

The project is based on research into an online cognitive education platform that adapts content for special students who are affected by dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD.

iProf Evolution is the only platform of its kind in its field; it combines artificial intelligence and deep learning to help students with learning disabilities and creates an exclusive approach to reducing dropouts from online courses and, more importantly, accelerating learning.


A company dedicated to providing essay, dissertation and thesis writing assistance, essays and other scholarly materials for students.

The project team consists only of academic professionals — graduates, masters, MBAs, editors and PhDs from their respective fields. They continually improve their services and help students write challenging research papers, as well as provide high-quality materials tailored to individual student needs.


A company dedicated to creating the first metaverse for personal development. They provide access to educational information to users anywhere in the world and help enable global digital knowledge sharing. Through the MindStreamers platform, customers can create, buy and sell personal growth products in virtual reality.

Using the Creator tool, MindStreamers vendors can easily create gamified training sessions in VR and 3D environments that help viewers practice and memorize new knowledge for application in the real world. On this platform, users can also attend live workshops, practice their skills in interactive sessions, or receive one-on-one counseling in their native language.

These are our top Web3 learning startups that help students and make education easier and more accessible. These innovative companies are leveraging the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the educational landscape, making learning more engaging, personalized, and globally accessible.

In conclusion, the rise of Web3 startups in the educational sector is a testament to the transformative power of technology. These startups are not just reshaping the way we learn, but they are also redefining the concept of education itself. They are making it more democratic, inclusive, and tailored to the needs of the individual learner. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, they are creating a more transparent, secure, and efficient educational ecosystem.

As the world moves deeper into the digital revolution, the winners will be those who can learn, adapt and upskill rapidly. These edtech trailblazers are making that future a reality today. They are equipping millions with the knowledge and credentials to compete in tomorrow's economy. Using blockchain and AI, they are creating truly personalized education at scale.

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