In my opinion, one of the key components of a startup, and its main advantage over corporate and big businesses, is its flexibility in decision-making. This flexibility allows for a quicker reaction to market conditions and adaptation to new technologies.

However, in the recent bear market, there are a lot of startups struggling to fundraise or generate enough revenue to cover their expenses, and they're running out of runway. That's why I've written an article with such an eye-catching title. At this stage of development, AI can't really replace a motivated employee, but many of the AIs on this list could take over customer support during the early stages of a startup.

The primary goal of this article is to help struggling startups optimize their budgets by improving workflow and delegating routine tasks to AI, saving both time and money. So, here's a list of 10 AI tools that could potentially replace an employee, or at least make their work easier, along with a few examples of how they could be utilized.

And if I've overlooked anything, please let me know. You're always welcome to contribute!

Google bard.

Google's chatbot is trained on current information, can write about events happening right now, and links to sources. Bard also knows 20 programming languages and can explain the meaning of specific pieces of code and look for errors.

  • Content Moderation: Google AI's natural language processing (NLP) can help automate content moderation, flagging inappropriate or harmful content in user-generated data.
  • Fraud Detection: Google AI can help detect patterns of fraudulent activities or anomalous behavior, reducing the need for manual monitoring and investigation.
  • Data Analysis: Google AI's machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities can automate data analysis tasks, such as identifying patterns, generating insights, and making predictions.


This can be described as an artificial intelligence-powered search engine. The chat function doesn't create new information, but instead generates a curated collection of data from the entire Internet in response to your query, complete with hyperlinks.

It also provides options for further clarification of your queries. Additionally, there is a user-friendly mobile application available for the chat service.

  • Information Retrieval: Perplexity can quickly search and retrieve relevant information from the entire Internet in response to user queries. This eliminates the need for manual information gathering or research by employees.
  • Content Curation: The curated collection of data provided by Perplexity can serve as a comprehensive resource for users, saving time for employees who would otherwise need to gather and organize information.
  • Hyperlinked Responses: By generating responses with hyperlinks, Perplexity enables users to explore related content or sources independently, reducing the need for employees to provide additional reference materials.

Chat PDF

A service utilizing GPT-3 enables you to engage in a conversation with any PDF file you upload to the platform. After the file is uploaded, the neural network examines the document's content, generating a summary and providing responses to specific questions about the text.

With the free version, you can upload a maximum of three documents per day, with each file limited to 120 pages. If you opt for a paid subscription, it will be priced at $5.

  • Knowledge Base: By compiling and organizing relevant chat PDFs, you can create a knowledge base that users can refer to, reducing the need for repetitive inquiries and freeing up employees' time.
  • Onboarding and Training: Chat PDFs can be used as training materials for new employees, allowing them to learn from previous conversations and acquire knowledge about handling various scenarios.
  • Information Sharing: Chat PDFs can be easily shared among team members, enabling efficient collaboration, information exchange, and decision-making without requiring constant meetings or discussions.

Chat Sonic by Writesonic

The chatbot from Writesonic comes in handy for marketing and writing all sorts of texts. It is based on ChatGPT-3,5 and 4, but is promoted as an improved version of the chatbot from OpenAi.

We all love it when brands make us feel special, right? Well, AI can help you do just that! We’ll explore how AI algorithms can personalize your social media content based on individual user preferences, demographics, and past interactions.

While ChatGPT has no access to the web and is trained on information until mid-2021, ChatSonic has access to Google, and the bot can also send voice messages and generate images from text descriptions. There is an extension for Google Chrome.

  • Order Placement and Tracking: Chat Sonic can facilitate order placement and provide real-time updates on order status, eliminating the need for manual order processing and tracking by an employee.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Chat Sonic can autonomously handle appointment scheduling, allowing customers to book appointments based on availability, reducing the need for manual appointment coordination.
  • Product Recommendations: By leveraging user preferences and browsing history, Chat Sonic can offer personalized product recommendations, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions without direct human involvement.

Jasper AI

This marketing neural network is designed to generate customized content for various purposes, such as writing letters, texts, and social media posts in different styles. It is capable of creating scripts for commercials, devising advertising campaigns, and even generating visual content like illustrations.

The service offers a free trial period for the initial seven days, allowing users to explore its capabilities.

  • Customized Content Generation: The marketing neural network can generate personalized content such as letters, texts, and social media posts in different styles, catering to specific marketing needs and target audiences.
  • Advertising Script Creation: It is capable of creating scripts for commercials, helping businesses develop compelling and persuasive advertising content.
  • Visual Content Generation: In addition to text-based content, the neural network can generate visual content, including illustrations, potentially saving time and effort in creating visual assets for marketing materials


With this tool you can paraphrase, summarise or, on the contrary, expand any already written text. Subscription costs from $4 per month.

  • Paraphrasing: Retext AI can assist in paraphrasing existing written text, providing alternative wording while maintaining the original meaning. This can be useful for content creators who want to avoid plagiarism or need different versions of their content.
  • Summarization: The tool can generate summaries of longer texts, condensing the key points and main ideas into a concise form. This feature can be valuable for quickly understanding the essence of lengthy articles, reports, or documents.
  • Text Expansion: Retext AI can also expand existing text, potentially providing additional details, examples, or explanations. This functionality may be beneficial for content creators who want to elaborate on their ideas or enhance the depth of their writing.

Notion AI

This neural network assistant is integrated within Notion, a versatile service used for creating and organizing notes, task lists, projects, and databases. It provides assistance for writing various types of texts, generating ideas for posts, and outlining work plans.

Additionally, it offers capabilities for rewriting and editing content within the Notion platform, enhancing the overall productivity and efficiency of your writing and organizational tasks.

  • Task and Project Management: Notion AI can assist in organizing and managing tasks and projects. It can automate workflows, provide reminders and notifications, and help teams collaborate effectively, reducing the need for constant supervision or coordination by employees.
  • Information Organization and Retrieval: Notion AI's search capabilities and knowledge base features enable quick and efficient information retrieval. Employees can find relevant documents, notes, or resources faster, reducing time spent searching and increasing productivity.
  • Automation and Integration: Notion AI can integrate with other tools and services through APIs or third-party integrations, automating repetitive or manual tasks. This can include data syncing, content generation, or updating records, freeing up employees' time for more strategic or creative work.

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tl;dv Zoom extension

This service helps you take notes during your Zoom calls and online meetings. It can transcribe the discussions in 20 languages and keep track of who said what and when. It can also create short videos of the important parts of the conversation.

  • Speaker Attribution and Timestamps: With tl;dv's ability to attribute speakers and provide timestamps, it eliminates the need for an employee to meticulously track and document who said what during the meeting. This streamlines the process and ensures accurate records without relying on manual efforts.
  • Video Highlights Creation: tl;dv's feature to create short videos of the most important parts of the conversation allows the startup to capture and share key insights or highlights with stakeholders. This eliminates the need for an employee to manually review recordings and extract important moments, saving time and effort.


This is a specialized search engine that focuses specifically on scientific publications and studies. It aims to provide instant answers to questions by leveraging scientific evidence and references from credible sources. By searching within the realm of scientific literature, it offers reliable and substantiated information to support its answers.

  • Predictive Analytics: By leveraging machine learning algorithms, Consensus can make predictions and forecasts based on historical data. This can assist in various areas such as demand forecasting, financial modeling, or market analysis.
  • Risk Assessment: Consensus can assess risks by analyzing data and identifying potential vulnerabilities or threats. It can provide recommendations or automated risk mitigation strategies, reducing the need for manual risk assessment by employees.
  • Process Automation: Consensus can automate repetitive tasks and workflows, streamlining business operations. It can handle routine processes, data entry, or administrative tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention. is the first paraphrase tool established in 2023 which is growing day by day due to the improvement of its content about paraphrasing compared to others. The paraphrase tool has special artificial intelligence skills that you can use to reword and improve your content.

Due to its artificial intelligence support, this tool will greatly improve your writing skills and help you to exchange any academic and research material from your existing files.

This was very inspiring to me and I hope you will be inspired by what I have seen at this tool. So, everyone associated with education can benefit from it.

✔️ User-friendly Interface: The paraphrase tool is as easy to use as it gets! Its intuitive interface makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of tech experience. No need for complex instructions, just dive in and start paraphrasing. Our user-friendly interface makes it effortless to express yourself in fresh ways.

✔️ Lightning-fast Speed: Say goodbye to waiting on inspiration. This lightning-fast paraphrasing tool generates fresh versions of your text in seconds, giving you a head start on polishing your articles and blogs.

✔️ High Compatibility: From desktops to phones, our versatile paraphrase tool adapts to your workflow, providing reliable access on any device you choose.

The future of startups lies in their ability to adapt and integrate AI tools into their operations. These tools not only offer cost-saving benefits but also improve efficiency, allowing startups to focus on their core competencies. While AI cannot replace the human touch, it can certainly take over routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for strategic thinking and innovation.

Remember, the goal isn't to replace employees but to empower them with tools that can make their work easier and more efficient. The AI tools listed in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless other AI tools out there waiting to be discovered. So, don't hesitate to explore and experiment. After all, the success of your startup could very well depend on it.

📌 And if you know other cool AI tools that we missed in this list, don’t be lazy to share them in the comments in our TG chat. We're always eager to learn about new tools that can help startups thrive!

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