The problem most startups face is the fragmentation of the venture capital market. Entrepreneurs go through quite a complicated path before their project becomes successful and attracts the interest of VCs. After all, large companies and specialized investors are interested in startups that are successful without their help, that have a basis in the form of a high-quality and interesting product, and are popular with users.

However, how do you attract attention and early adopters to your startup? Informing your target audience about your product is at the top of an entrepreneur's to-do list, once the MVP is released or the product is launched.

However, not every startup has the marketing budget and in-house expertise to launch an efficient promo campaign at early stages. Finding the right advertising channels can also be challenging and time-consuming. But you can easily and fruitfully promote your product or company by entering them into various popular listing platforms around the world. Getting on them means getting noticed by a large segment of your target audience. Especially for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders who are about to launch their project, we prepared the Top 10 best platforms to list your startup to gain more traction, traffic, early adopters and brand awareness.

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