The third VC Pitching Session, a virtual event whereby startup founders from all over the world e-meet invited investors, business angels and VC firms, was held on the 22nd of July at 17:00 CET.

“Thanks for the invitation! We had a great pitch about our Fintech/Blockchain project.  It was a great pitch to the sharks and we hope to find some interest to help further develop our platform!”, - Cainyn Chapman, CBDO at CopyRange, mentioned as a follow up feedback after the session.
“Great session! Judges’ questions were very perceptive and challenged our thinking around the business. The other startups were very impressive in terms of their innovative solutions to fairly significant pain points” - commented Rama Rao, Founder of Bloqcube.

This time, we invited startups from InnMind community with a special focus on blockchain, smart payments and fintech industries:

⭐️ offers crypto P2P lending solutions;

Aton Technology, Decentralized Payment Gateway as Point of Sale System Terminal and Decentralized Multi Platform Application for the retail and merchants markets with its everyday users;

⭐️ It’s Prodigy is specialized in innovative solutions in the fintech sector and supports small businesses with a wide range of fintech services;

⭐️ Quppy is an all-in-one digital financial solution consolidating your bank cards and accounts;

⭐️ Eaglecheck, decentralized database that allows background screening companies (CRAs) to instantly verify candidates’ employment and educational experience;

⭐️ Zelf, live neobank in messengers for Gen Z and customer onboarding under 30 sec with a sustainable business model sans card delivery costs and app support;

⭐️ Bloqcube has built a pioneering, innovative & integrated Clinical Trials Management and Financial system;

⭐️ FinanzAI, online service that does automation of financial reporting (statements) for start-ups, finds mistakes and offers decisions driven by AI;

⭐️ ClickLinks, online platform that allows you to enjoy full e-commerce capabilities and own your customer relationship without the need to pay and maintain your website;

⭐️ Copyrage is developing a social platform that helps traders and betters make copies of verified transactions and bets and manage multiple accounts.

Accordingly, we also invited VC representatives that participated as investment ‘Sharks’ during the session:

💎Anton Fedotov from Flashpoint Ventures,

💎Roma Jelinskaite from Caixa Capital Risk,

💎Oliver Blakey from Acsensive Asset Management.

At this pitching session, we focused on the pitching startups and gave them a possibility to answer all the questions coming from the VC Sharks to enhance preliminary communication and spark an interest!

Watch the VC Pitching Session Record below:

The VC Pitching Sessions format has now become a regular activity for the InnMind community of startups and investors! If you have MVP and first sales in your startup, and you're raising funds to grow, scale and enter new markets, you're more than welcome to apply right now and become eligible to pitch on our next sessions.

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