Startup that doesn’t know how to sell will fail! Join the next webinar with  sales expert Taran Hughes to learn the know-how on sales strategy and process, and grow your startup revenues, gaining impressive sales traction!

SALES is one of the most important topics for any entrepreneur, and especially startup founders. But there are so many questions!

❓How and when to start sales in a startup?

❓How to build a sales team and extract the knowledge from founders' heads to the hired sales professionals?

❓How to make B2B sales and engage with corporate customers?

❓What is the "sales mindset" and how to evolve it?

❓How to do leads' qualifications and increase sales conversion rates?

and many others…

On July 30th at 17:30 CET we organize a special webinar with the real sales expert Taran Hughes, founder of TCS Sales Accelerators for Startups, co-founder at PitchSLAP and author of The Conscious Sale, where we will lighten the shadows and answer the most actual questions from startup founders.

Taran will share the most important insights and must-know strategies on how to enhance the selling process in startups, answering such questions as:

  • When to start selling for startups?
  • How to price: are you pricing for your time, experience or what you think the client will pay?

Taran will start with a 40 minute workshop covering the main points of this topic and providing his insights which will be followed by a 20 minute Q&A Session with the startup founders from InnMind PRO network as a part of the Zoom session.

The Webinar session will be streamed live at the same time via InnMind YouTube Channel, so anyone willing to watch it can join us!

If you want to become a part of InnMind startup community and regularly participate in such online events as the upcoming webinar, VC Pitching Sessions, Startup Accelerator and get access to startup perks with the wide range of benefits from InnMind partners, connect with relevant clients and investors, this is your opportunity to sign up, create a startup profile here and upgrade your status to become a PRO member!

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