List of the best directories to promote your startup

62 directories for startup promotion

You are building your product and sure that thousands of people will be happy to use it. But the challenge is in finding those thousands! Those listings will support you in reaching your goals to build great community around your project: speak out, share information about your project and discuss it with your target audience.

Product Hunt – a directory of new products in a variety of fields: from IoT and mobile apps to software and even online services;

BetaList – a place to share beta stage IT startup with the world and get early user feedback;

InnMind – digitalising startup lifecycle. Place to connect with investors and pitch to them directly, communicate with mentors, advisors and service providers;

Crunch Base – a place to submit your startup profile and follow others;

AngelList – a place to hire employees or find a job in a startup. You can also try to fundraise from angel syndicates;

Startup Beat – a pitch desk for early stage startups;

Killer Startups – an another pitch desk, but without stage limitations;

StackShare - a marketplace of useful and popular software tools for startups and by startups. It contains features comparisons, ratings, reviews, recommendations, etc. You can submit your tools and services to expose them to the community;

SnapMunk - dedicated startup directory with news and stories about innovative startups. And, of course, startup listing;

EU-Startups is an online magazine about Internet and tech startups in Europe. It publishes startup-related news, articles and interviews and has a directory of Europe-based startups, where you can submit your company;

Paggu - a place where you can submit your startup for review, share your story, or write a guest post on topics about Entrepreneurship, Startups and Digital Marketing;

Linkub is an essential prospecting tool that allows you to quickly find websites, leads and content creators who are interested in your content or in businesses like yours.

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Feedough is a one-stop resource for startups with listing and useful links;

Launching Next is a platform to submit your project, to find the best tools and to get new knowledge from the community;

All Top Startups consists of enormous amount of useful content, and on the top of that is the great place to submit your project;

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