List of the best directories to promote your startup

62 directories for startup promotion

You are building your product and sure that thousands of people will be happy to use it. But the challenge is in finding those thousands! Those listings will support you in reaching your goals to build great community around your project: speak out, share information about your project and discuss it with your target audience.

Product Hunt – a directory of new products in a variety of fields: from IoT and mobile apps to software and even online services;

BetaList – a place to share beta stage IT startup with the world and get early user feedback;

InnMind – digitalising startup lifecycle. Place to connect with investors and pitch to them directly, communicate with mentors, advisors and service providers;

Crunch Base – a place to submit your startup profile and follow others;

AngelList – a place to hire employees or find a job in a startup. You can also try to fundraise from angel syndicates;

Startup Beat – a pitch desk for early stage startups;

Killer Startups – an another pitch desk, but without stage limitations;

StackShare - a marketplace of useful and popular software tools for startups and by startups. It contains features comparisons, ratings, reviews, recommendations, etc. You can submit your tools and services to expose them to the community;

SnapMunk - dedicated startup directory with news and stories about innovative startups. And, of course, startup listing;

EU-Startups is an online magazine about Internet and tech startups in Europe. It publishes startup-related news, articles and interviews and has a directory of Europe-based startups, where you can submit your company;

Paggu - a place where you can submit your startup for review, share your story, or write a guest post on topics about Entrepreneurship, Startups and Digital Marketing;

TechPluto - platform with news and events from the tech & startup industry. It also provides a platform for emerging startups and entrepreneurs to showcase their product to a tech-savvy audience;

Startup Dope is a source for news, information and resources about innovations, technology and startups. You can submit your startup news or story there;

Launch Lister - subscription-based directory, sending daily or weekly email alerts with the top product launches from the startups;

The Startup Pitch gives Startups the ability to answer some questions about their product and have it turned into a Pitch;

Startup Stash - useful for those projects who create useful tools and instruments for other startups and small businesses;

Cofounders Lab gives opportunity to find a perfect co-founder and become a part of the startups ecosystem;

YourStory is an Indian-based blog where startups can share their stories;

Startups List provides space for projects from different cities all around the globe to present their products/services;

Google My Business is another opportunity to register your project and to promote it among all Google users;

Feedough is a one-stop resource for startups with listing and useful links;

Launching Next is a platform to submit your project, to find the best tools and to get new knowledge from the community;

All Top Startups consists of enormous amount of useful content, and on the top of that is the great place to submit your project;

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My startup Tool does not only provide you a listing platform, but also helps you to submit your project in various listings all around the world;

Tech Faster is a list of great tools and products that can help you to thrive in your business development. Do not forget to submit your bright tool for the benefit of the community;

500 startups is a community of startups, mentors and investors;

Index gives access to listing of various companies, and of course you can present your startup there as well;

Venturebin is a perfect place “to report the web ventures and internet business around the world”;

The Startup Videos provides the place to share a video about your startup;

Startup Sea is one more platform to list and promote your project;

Startup World promotes startup stories - this is a good chance for you to tell more about the story behind your startup;

Startup Ranking is a ranking system for startups all around the world;

Startup88 covers early stage startups, especially convenient for Kickstarter Projects, Cloud, Mobile, Biotech or Hardware startups;

Gust is a startup network sharing tools for starting and growing successful business;

Arctic Startups is a blog and community of Scandinavian Startups sharing useful insights and knowledge with the founders. You can also write about your field of expertise, but avoid purely advertising posts;

The Startup Journal shares interesting startups stories and allows to submit your project;

Startup Explore covers Spanish and European startups;

Big Startups allows to create your own startup channel and communicate with the community;

Startup Button is designed to help early-stage startups get visibility among early adopters, investors and journalists;

/Startups - one of the biggest  reddit community for startups, a good place to promote the business, find support and followers;

I Am Wire - a place where you can find much stuff needed  to develop the business. Also, here you can find free online courses for entrepreneurs and post your story;

F6S - a platform to help entrepreneurs find talents and investors. You can also apply for acceleration programs here;

Startup Blink - a global map of startups. You can pin the location of your business and find partners, coworkings, accelerators and investors near you and around the world; - a big list with media where you can promote your startup;

BetaPage is a good place to test your startup and get first feedback. Testers, startup lovers and other users upvote and comment your project to help you to grow. The best projects are placed on the main page;

Beterest is a simple listing to tell about your project. There is no ratings and submission is free. There is a blog with entrepreneurship tips and founders interviews;

Crazy About Startups a resource where you can find almost everything that you need in entrepreneurship: startup tips, industry updates, knowledge from experts, inspiring stories, etc. And here you can submit your startup as well;

Pitchmantra allows you to send startup pitch to 100+ media and promote your startup in 25+ listings;

Startup Buffer is called a premium startup directory. Here you can improve the business with their growth hacking techniques that help you test your idea and get traction;

Startup Lift is a listing directory to submit startup and get feedback from your target audience;

StartupBase is a platform for submission of early stage startups. On your project page other users can start a discussion and give you feedback. There are paid promoting features on the website as well;

Startup Inspire - a place for free startup submission and search for talents;

The Startup Inc - listing directory with an opportunity to share story of your business;

The Startup Register is a resource to submit a startup and press release;

Valuer allows corporations to find innovative startups to boost the business;

Reddit Entrepreneurs is a community that counts 507 000 subscribers. Here you find entrepreneurs seeking for help and networking;

Inc42 is a portal for startups with industry news, reports and stories. You can also submit your startup and make guest post;

Springwise is a platform dedicated to innovations, full of technology news, industry trends, etc. It also gives you an opportunity to submit your startup;

New-Startups allows to promote your business just for 15$. Besides submission on the website, there is Facebook and Twitter promotion;

Startuptabs is a place to tell about your startup and first adopters and feedback;

Stompstart is a resource for startup promotion. This place is different from others with Karma impact to your startup performance in the list; is a network for startups and investors. You can also apply for startup programs and become an investor just spending 2500$.

This is a small part of the listings and tools which will help you in marketing and promoting your project. InnMind team is glad to assist you in finding the best ones fitting your needs.