Summer season was indeed challenging, though very productive and talent-rich for InnMind platform with over 1500+ new bright startups that became a part of our ecosystem family. From e-commerce platforms, agritech breakthroughs to smart payment solutions - InnMind hosts all the entrepreneurs to open the doors for resources, networking and new opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the features startups’ list during August 2020:

Photochain (Estonia)

Decentralized, revolutionary Stock Photography Platform on Blockchain with fair Conditions, lowest Fees on the Market and Control over the Content for the Contributor. On the IPFS Photochain Database, each uploaded Photo is linked to a Photographer through a Blockchain Transaction. This Link cannot be removed or manipulated in any Way. Copyright by use of Machine Learning Bots and Incentivizing of the Photochain Community through Rewards.

Solarmente (Spain)

Solarmente is a one-stop shop for Residential Solar. It’s much better than paying a local installer or doing it yourself, because they match customized Solar systems with financing & insurance to bring out of pocket investment and risk for customers to 0 as well as future integrations (batteries, EV charging etc).

Jandi (UAE)

JANDI is a cloud-based platform for enterprise team communication that brings together the right people, the information they share, and the tools they use, in one app! Teams can:

  • Create topic-based group chats by department or project
  • Upload, share and comment on files from any device
  • Convert messages into a to-do list or assign as a task
  • Invite external parties like clients to join a group as a guest
  • Connect with other enterprise apps to automate workflows

Insurescan (USA)

InsureScan is a white labeled mobile platform to aggregate consumer and insurance data so insurers can sell policies faster and more efficiently.

MPT Pay (UK)

MPT PAY Ltd Digital Bank for SMEs (EU / Non EU business) is a single financial ecosystem of banking services for companies, regardless of the country of registration of the business and location of owners. Opening bank accounts for residents and non-residents of the Euro Union within a few minutes. Unique development and technology in payments - DEPP (Dynamic Escrow Payment Protocol).

DiaM (USA)

DiaM is a comprehensive proactive Diabetic solution for communicating, managing, treating, and controlling Diabetes. Through the use of behavioral markers and neuropsychology, DiaM will empower Diabetics through their behaviors and habits. Their SAAS software will offer a single unified view of the required care in a Diabetics life. It will provide a 360-degree connection to every stakeholder in their life.

Blicico (Russia)

Blicico is a universal platform of insurance aggregation, which allows to define and transmit precise risk limits, provide an objective control system, optimize costs and insurance processes. Blicico ecosystem unites the participants of the insurance market in various spheres and serves as a vital tool for insurers, policyholders and industrial companies. The platform changes the insurance market and presents a new alternative

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