Find a duplicate share certificate from the Issuer Company or Registrar, investors can take the help of registrar and share transfer agent to get this work done.

Share certificates owned by you of any particular company is an evidence or proof of your ownership in the same firm. In general, a physical share certificate owned by an individual contains the following details:

  • Name of the issuer company
  • Details about company registered address
  • CIN (Corporate Identification Number) Number
  • Number of shares represented by that particular share certificate
  • Name of owners of shares
  • Folio number of the owners of shares
  • Folio number of members
  • The value or amount paid of such shares by owner

Imagine if you lose those share certificates or get them misplaced. This could result in a huge financial loss for you. In such a scenario, you are left with two options only:

  • Submit an FIR to the police station;
  • Communicate about the physical share certificate loss to the company

The foremost duty of shareholders after losing a physical share certificate is to inform the police by submitting an FIR. After filing a police complaint, the shareholders must immediately contact the concerned company and tell them about the share certificate misplacement. When the concerned company gets to know about share certificate loss, it will immediately freeze those shares.

However, to freeze such shares, the prior requirement for any company is to have accurate details about the folio number of the lost physical share certificate. For share certificate owners, informing the company and police at first place is vital to avoid any fraudulent or deceitful use of your misplaced share certificates.

Once you have informed both the concerned parties, i.e., police and company, you can again apply for a duplicate share certificate from the Company/Registrar by taking the help of a top-quality Registrar and Share Transfer Agent like SAG RTA.

Assisting investors in obtaining duplicate share transfer certificate from the issuer company or registrar is a part of registrar & transfer agent services, delivered by Registrar & Share Transfer Agents (RTA).

Important Documents Required for Release of a Duplicate Share Certificate from Issuer Company/Registrar

FIR submission at nearby Police Station:- Upon loss of a company share certificate, you must inform at the nearby police station by submitting an FIR about the same at the first step. Once done, you must have a copy of that FIR having proper details about Folio No, Share Certificate(s), Number of lost shares, Unit Name and Distinctive No(s), etc. The FIR should also be properly stamped by the concerned police station to confirm the originality of the compliant.

Affidavit and Indemnity Bond:- A non-judicial stamp paper of the “Value of Requisite” should be used to prepare both the indemnity and affidavit bond. This value should be attested from the Notary public or special executive magistrate. The notary should also attest the affidavit with the required notarial stamps mentioning details about the registration number of the notary stamp paper.

Questionnaire Form:- The applicant or shareholder applying for a duplicate share certificate should also fill a questionnaire form along with his/her own PAN card copy, attested by the notary.

Surety Form:- The applicant requesting a duplicate share certificate should also submit surety form along with the notary attested PAN card copy to the issuer company or registrar.

Personal Details:- The candidate applying for duplicate share certificate should also furnish personal details like name, address and signature in Surety form and indemnity bond.

Proof of Residence:- The applicant should also submit a copy of proof of residence (e.g. telephone bill, electricity bill, passport, water bill, etc.) along with the copy of bank statement or bank passbook.

Request Letter:- A request letter, authorized by the signature of the shareholder for issuance of duplicate share certificate should also be furnished.

Pay Slips/Salary Certificates:- Attach copies of your latest payslips or salary certificates or the latest assessment order, passed by the income tax department. You can also attach a valuation report, issued by the Revenue or Municipal Authorities or Secretary of Gram panchayat and attested by Notary officer.

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Points to Remember

  • While furnishing indemnity bond and affidavit for receiving a duplicate share certificate,  don't forget to mention details like Folio No., certificate number, etc.
  • You as a shareholder or applicant should also get specimen signature by the Banker.
  • Sent all the required documents along with the application for issuance of duplicate share certificate to the Issuer Company or Registrar.
  • The duplicate share certificate received by you from the Company or Issuer will hold a No. XXXX and a “DUPLICATE” written in Bold letters on the first page.
  • In case, you, as a holder of duplicate share certificate, found your original share certificate, submit the duplicate share certificate back to the Issuer Company or Registrar.

Registrar & Share Transfer Agent: One-Stop-Shop for all Your RTA Needs​

In order to get a duplicate share certificate from the Issuer Company or Registrar, investors can take the help of registrar and share transfer agent to get this work done. Registrar and transfer agents like SAG RTA works as an intermediary between the issuer, investor and the depository by facilitating services like Dematerialisation, Rematerialisation, Initial Public Offers and Corporate Actions to related stakeholders.

SAG RTA with its world-class IT infrastructure and dedicated RTA team also offer all-inclusive RTA services like security dematerialization through NSDL/CDSL depository, issuance of duplicate share certificate, dividend payout, dividend revalidation, IEPF claim settlement, investor regulatory reporting, etc. to investors without any hassle.

Investors can easily connect with a quality Registrar & Transfer Agent Services provider - SAG RTA to get a duplicate share certificate from the concerned company or registrar. RTAs have dedicated resources, knowledge and experience to get this job done easily on behalf of investors.

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