December is usually considered to be the month whereby all the annual work is finally being summed up to prepare for the next year’s rush. Despite all the downhills that the year 2020 brought us, InnMind team achieved significant milestones:

  • We doubled our startups & VC community from 20 000 to 50 000 professionals
  • Originated 18 deals (even more) between our startups and investors
  • Grew platform from 8 000 to 12 000 startup profiles
  • Increased our presence and expertise in new markets with strong partners: Africa, India, Israeli
  • Developed startup valuation calculator and business model tool for startups
  • Launched VC Shark-Tanks
  • Became a noticeable player in the Spanish startup ecosystem
  • Launched startup scouting services with corporate innovation offices with a number of multinationals
  • And much more…

And this also correlates with the amount of new startups and talent joining InnMind, who add a significant value to the growth of our international ecosystem. Let’s review some of the featured startups during the last month of the year 2020!

Broma 16 (Netherlands)

Broma16 is a music services company specializing in rights administration and licensing with the highest level of accuracy and transparency in royalty distribution. The company proposes to its customers a SAAS, multi territorial, multi rights online licensing platform to simplify and automate their repertoire registration, management and licensing tasks, with ability for multiple customers to interact as with the company as well as with each other simultaneously.

B.Green (Ukraine)

B.Green have created an interesting, profitable, environmentally friendly, innovative business of growing and selling fresh frozen microalgae for human consumption as a highly concentrated, functional food. B.Green - is a green breakfast based on spirulina microalgae, replaces the consumption of 4 kg of fresh, various vegetables and fruits in just 1 minute.

XperiencEra (Lithuania)

A web platform providing Open Online Self-Paced Virtual Internships co-designed with companies to all students and workforce. Helping companies to identify and attract trained talent at scale.

Spadrone (Spain)

The company has developed a drone with a take-off mass of 25 kg. This drone is able to offer a flight time of 20 min with a full deposit.

Extore (Italy)

Extore is a payment platform for European e-commerces and online services providers, made with the purpose of cutting down costs of the commissions for retailers, make payments instant, reduce frauds and provide the fastest checkout method on the market.

Enhanced Investments (Russia)

A platform for fundamental stocks analysis / selection + robo-advisor on well-tested and performing strategies

Revain (UK)

The first trustworthy review platform built with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Revain’s goal is to give the world community a single source of trustworthy feedback about projects, goods, trademarks and other relevant entities.

TokenPlace (UK)

An online trading terminal which aggregates liquidity from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, giving traders the best asset prices on the market glocally

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