Athletes need rest days to stay healthy. Financial markets need breaks, too — to cool down and reset records.

The pandemic, the unstable macroeconomic and political situation, the Terra collapse, and the collapse of FTX triggered asset price declines in the cryptocurrency industry. The negative dynamics were exacerbated by the problems of large companies on the verge of bankruptcy. All of this has led to what we are now witnessing, a bear market.

In 2022, nearly two trillion dollars disappeared from the crypto industry. Startups around the world have laid low and are waiting for the market to pick up. Investors, on the other hand, are only investing in active teams that have great growth potential. September was actually the best month since June for Web3 funding: according to Crunchbase, venture-backed startups raised almost $1.6 billion. This suggests that investors are optimistic about the future and expect 2023 to be the best period for next-generation Internet-related projects.

It is worth noting that the new realities have also changed consumer behavior, forcing market players to take a fresh look at promoting their companies. For example, self-isolation has set new patterns of customer behavior - preference for online purchases, rational spending during the crisis, consumption of content in digital.

These changes have undoubtedly had an impact on marketing and advertising. Successful brands and start-ups need to adapt to these new market conditions and be proactive in thinking through strategic solutions and implementing them in their current marketing campaigns. The main mistake at this point will be to go into the shadows and wait until the market starts to grow again. After all, a bear market offers great marketing opportunities:

  • Higher profitability;
  • Freedom from information noise;
  • An investment opportunity that will yield huge profits during the next bull rally.

In this article, we'll cover 5 marketing strategies to help Web3 thrive after a bear market.

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