July has brought the InnMind Platform truly outstanding talents who are now going full scale with their startup ideas! From over 500 new registered startups per month, the following list contains the brightest solutions in the fintech, blockchain, big data and other sectors that caught the attention of our team and InnMind venture capital partners.

World licensed multicurrency digital payment solution. A unique digital financial solution for managing crypto and fiat assets for both individuals and legal entities with the implementation of AI Technology.

Innovative solutions in the fintech sector that support small businesses with a wide range of fintech services. They support customers to get financial support up to 50.000€ and partner with them to manage this budget with the consultancy services like: finance management, business management, sales development, marketing and technology.

An infrastructure as a service platform that allows non-Big Data expertise to deploy fully auto scalable infrastructure all within a simple web UI. The deployed infrastructure also contains an ingest pipeline, so it's not necessary to build additional applications to interact with Gigapipe. Just sign up, send data, then read that data in real-time.

  • LiveRoom (Sri Lanka)

We are specializing in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Our product OGMO helps eCommerce companies to transform their websites into Augmented Reality. With the help of AI-powered 3D reconstruction, we make it easy and affordable for small and medium eCommerce companies to compete with large players globally through Augmented Reality.

A decentralized database that allows background screening companies (CRAs) to instantly verify candidates’ employment and educational experience. CRAs will be able to upload the verifications they perform to EagleCheck for other CRAs to access them against a fee. The initially-verifying CRA will receive a % of the fee. Participating CRAs will be able to find verifications performed by other companies, being able to fulfill their clients' requests at a fraction of the time and at a lower cost.

Live neobank in messengers for Gen Z and customer onboarding under 30 sec with a sustainable business model sans card delivery costs and app support. ZELF’s technology has been battle-tested in commercial WL deals. Founded in 2018 by Elliot Goykhman, a seasoned banking executive and serial entrepreneur, ZELF is a self-funded company in the US and Latvia. ZELF showed incredible growth - since April 350k+ card pre-orders with zero ad spend at the industry lowest CAC paid in ZELF bonuses.

  • ClickLinks (Spain)

The online platform that allows you to enjoy full e-commerce capabilities and own your customer relationship without the need to pay and maintain your website. Add your product’s information like name, price, image, inventory and countdown and Clicklinks will generate a unique link for your product that instantly becomes available to be shared through email, whatsapp, social media, etc.

This company focuses on creating a digital platform that provides smart solutions for municipalities and the general public by collecting, analysing and unifying data based on tourists activity. They have already launched their first pilot in Benidorm with their DTI MODEL of the first Smart Tourist Destination in the World. The implementation of Tourist Intelligence Systems allows to enhance the competitiveness of the destination, organizations and get to know the visitor better. They are specialized in European Smart Growth Projects, RED.es and EDUSI.

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