November for InnMind Team was marked as one of the most productive and event-rich months of this year, bringing more than 600+ quality startups who joined InnMind platform from all over the world. In connection with our ongoing Retail Tech Open Call, in this startup digest edition we wanted to highlight some of the brightest technological solutions with use cases in the retail industry as well as startup teams behind them, who joined InnMind network in the previous month!

Totalctrl (Norway)

TotalCtrl is a leading B2B SaaS food waste prevention company that saves customers money and time by giving them TotalCtrl over inventory based on expiration dates. Their vision is to eliminate food waste throughout the entire value chain. TotalCtrl B2B SaaS product innovates food inventory by alerting customers to what items need attention, where to locate them and what actions to take to use/move products prior to expiration.

Vonzu (Spain)

VONZU is a last mile logistics management SaaS that integrates retailers and logistics operators to digitize and automate all last mile processes and operations. VONZU allows retailers to work as a "control tower" having total control over their deliveries regardless of the logistic operator performing the service.

Maze AR (USA)

Maze AR is a tech startup focused on revolutionizing the online apparel retail space through an innovative virtual-fitting experience. This enhancement in UX and UWTB can lead to boosting revenue. Users simulating a more accurate fit can diminish merchandise returns expenses and unsustainable shipping costs.

Locosoco (UK)

LocoSoco creates and introduces sustainable products and services in a way that creates shared wealth. They reward the partners with equity whilst earning equity in brands. They offer an online platform ( for retailers, schools, places of worship and other businesses to sell eco-friendly products to their communities/network on a 50/50 profit share basis. Working with over 300 independent retailers they generate them revenue in store, online and through long term asset ownership.

Stylescan (USA)

StyleScan is the first company to offer 3D digital apparel and augmented try-on solutions to fashion brands. Cutting-edge 360° apparel preview and augmented try-on features enhance online shopping and boost consumer engagement. Their industry superior 3D renderings are the result of decades of machine learning and computer vision expertise achieved by our seasoned engineers. Stylescan algorithms are unique and proprietary to the company and have not been published in any scientific literature.

Saigroups (UK)

Saigroups can help retailers reduce theft in their stores and save $1m for every $1b in sales with very little effort or investment. SAI group has a machine vision based software solution that works through store CCTV cameras to detect theft both at checkout and in store. On the checkouts, they use their software to count and identify items as they are being scanned and match that against scan data from the POS. In doing so, they can identify at source, items that are leaving the store without billing.

Orquest (Spain)

ORQUEST is a workforce management scheduling software based on cutting edge algorithms, advance analytics and artificial intelligence designed specifically for the retail industry and fast food. ORQUEST has a disruptive approach that impacts businesses by increasing sales through improved customer service and staff productivity in physical stores and restaurants.

Proppos (Spain)

PROPPOS is an A.I company based in Barcelona specialized in food recognition using computer vision algorithms. Its mission is to offer high added value solutions to food service industry. The first solution, is an intelligent self-checkout, powered by A.I, that is able to recognize any kind of product and charge it automatically.

Warden Automation (Spain)

Warden Retail helps retailers to maximize the profitability of their floorspace by providing actionable insights on audience profile, exposure time, and behavioural patterns. Their solution leverages pre-installed CCTV and IP cameras, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing to generate data about visitors, their gender and age, visiting patterns and emotional response to marketing signals. The data is conveniently aggregated and compiled in visual analytics available for navigation using any device. Security alerts about unauthorized access in defined spaces and time intervals are also available and configurable within the system.

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