While weak minds are frustrated with each daily change in the market, the tough ones are down there digging away to find new opportunities and build a good foundation for their business.

It's an unofficial saying that startups thrive in downtimes. The bear market we're in right now has provided some great opportunities to grow and spread our services, and I'm here to tell you about that.

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How Can We See Opportunity In Crisis?

πŸ“ˆ Last week, LPs started pouring money to crypto VC funds.

Despite the horrific noise around FTX, CoinShares analysts reported, that "digital asset investment products saw the largest inflows for 14 weeks totaling $42m".

The inflows began later in the week on the back of extreme price weakness prompted by the FTX/Alameda collapse.

2021/22 week number, source: Bloomberg, CoinShares as of Nov, 11 2022
It suggests that investors see this price weakness as an opportunity, differentiating between β€œtrusted” third parties and an inherently trustless system. CoinShares researchers conclude

But what are the mid-to-long term effects of the crash of these large centralized players? How it will influence the crypto market, web3 startups and venture capital deals? What opportunities this crisis can bring to alternative solutions and trustless blockchain systems?

Next week (November, 25th 2022) we're organizing a live panel discussion with web3 and DeFi founders: FTX Crash: a Disaster or an Opportunity for Web3 and DeFi?
Live stream on Nov 25, Panel discussion with InnMind experts

The discussion will be streamed live on YouTube and LinkedIn, and all our speakers will be happy to answer the questions from the participats and InnMind community. FREE to attend! RSVP Today!

Next Pitching Session And WEB3 DEMO DAY!

On Wednesday, November 23rd, we host another crypto VC pitching session with Web3 infrastructure and DeFi startups' deal-flow!

DeFi & Infrastructure VC Pitching Session on Nov, 23 2022

9 crypto VC funds confirmed already:

  • Multisig Capital
  • Stratified Capital
  • Cryptomeria Capital
  • Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Genting Ventures
  • Master Ventures
  • Aves Lair
  • BKex Labs
  • Alphabit Fund

This virtual team has enough funds for 6-7 founders who will make a good impression and attract attention.

Startup? You are building in Web3 infrastructure and/or DeFi? Feel ready to raise capital funding? Apply now and start polishing your pitch.

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Accelerate Program Update

Meanwhile, we're in the middle of InnMind Accelerate, a 3-months intense acceleration program for web3 startup founders, willing to kick off the ground, gain the first traction, strengthen their business model and prepare for VC fundraising & TGE.

Private workshops with investors, market-makers, and launchpads; sessions about HR, marketing and go-to-market strategy, fundraising and tokenomics, 1-to-1 mentorship, and group masterminds...

We already see massive progress in our participants' level and can't stay waiting for a final DEMO DAY that will happen on December 12th. Let's see what startups will get funded and gain maximum traction and exposure in 2023.

Documents For Startups

How many times you were looking for a good quality template of the pitch deck, tokenomics, financial model, go-to-market slide and even SAFT agreement for fundraising? I did a LOT. But never found good ones in Google Search the moment I need them most.

That's one of the reasons we have a Founders' Knowledge Base section, where there are plenty of useful templates for startup founders, carefully created and curated by InnMind team and industry experts.

InnMind KB: Go-To-Market Strategy Questionnaire

This time, we enriched it with the Go-To-Market (GTM) template. GTM slides create a lot of confusion among founders, who rarely know how to design it properly.

GTM is your complex approach, answering the question: how you're going to reach out to your target audience and attract users and customers.
The template includes the detailed check-list to help you build your proper GTM plan, as well as "bad" and "good" examples of the GTM slides in the pitch deck.

What Product Does the Market Need After FTX?

Check these trending web3/crypto startups that we believe will see growing demand among web3 and the crypto community, considering the shift into trustless systems:

Forbitspace Foundation

Forbitspace Foundation Pte.Ltd

Forbitspace Foundation Pte.Ltd is DEX Super Multichain Aggregator, that unites decentralized applications across disparate blockchains. It allows crypto traders to tap deep liquidity and receive the BEST price in one single interface.

Farm XYZ

Farm XYZ by Alexandru Mincu

Farm XYZ is the platform that simplifies investing in liquidity pools and yield farms. It brings DeFi to a mass audience and allows users to easily invest in, track and manage all DeFi investments over time in just 2 steps, instead of 18!


ByBarter by Fiddoson Fiddo

ByBarter is the first fully decentralized noncustodial p2p wallet & marketplace. A real web3 alternative of Binance P2P and LocalBitcoin, where people can buy/sell crypto versus fiat currencies in a trustless way via smart contracts.

Farm XYZ

Moret by Richard Lin

Moret is DeFi crypto option exchange running on Polygon chain. While crypto option trading volumes concentrate in a single CEX: Deribit, Moret is a first real DeFi alternative that can provide custody-free trading experience.

InnMind provides a directory with excellent discounts for tools and services that help startups with sales, marketing, back-office, and operations. Sometimes deals are insane, up to 90%. These perks are the most used by our community members over the quarter:

InnMind Perks: QuickNode, AWS, Dropbox

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