April is marked in the InnMind team’s calendars as the moment of change! With the release of the new InnMind platform we have entered a new level of advanced deal origination for both investors and startups with such new add-ons as:

  • Match with the right contacts automatically according to the information in your profile
  • Pitch to investors and get connected with the right members via chat: all in one place
  • Get higher discoverability for your startup
  • Share your biggest milestones with the community in the feed
  • See your profile views to gauge the interest
  • Manage your pipeline and move startups according to the funnel

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AML Bot (UK)

PureFi is the only DeFi AML protocol for cryptocurrency onboarding. Developed by AMLbot in partnership with Hacken, Crystal and Vareger, it aims to provide a full-cycle solution for cryptoasset analytics and AML/KYC procedures on the DeFi market.

Warden Automation (Spain)

Warden Retail helps retailers to maximize the profitability of their floorspace by providing actionable insights on audience profile, exposure time, and behavioural patterns. Their solution leverages pre-installed CCTV and IP cameras, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing to generate data about visitors, their gender and age, visiting patterns and emotional response to marketing signals.

ProfiCircle (Switzerland)

Their SaaS Market Network platform with embedded finance allows customers to source, finance, and manage commercial construction & equipment projects in one place, across multiple sellers and service providers.

Tienchat (Singapore)

Decentralized social media platform, TiENCHAT 4.0 complete with text, voice, video and podcast group chat users upto 10,000 users. This decentralized chat requires only a Ethereum wallet 12 memoric phrase to access to use this product. This platform provides a Marketplace which is similar like iTune store or Google Play store for apps or dApps that users can access where the users can pay for the services with their own Ethereum wallet.


OGMO helps eCommerce companies to transform their websites into Augmented Reality. With the help of AI-powered 3D reconstruction, we make it easy and affordable for small and medium eCommerce companies to compete with large players globally through Augmented Reality.

Banger Games (Spain)

Banger Games is a gaming ecosystem that connects and rewards players, icons, brands, and publishers through a revolutionary currency for completing objectives within the gaming industry. Through the blockchain-based platform and NFT exchange, Banger Games will give back ownership, control, and monetization to the gamers for the first time. With the aim to create a global gaming currency and resolve a problem that has existed within this industry for far too long.

Trizone Power Industries (Austria)

They conduct their own research, develop and create innovative electric equipment. The core product of the company is SEPA--Static Electric Power Amplifier, the equipment to save at least 44% of electricity.

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