Our journey started last year when we realized that our value was mostly behind the scenes. And we wanted you to see it. 'Show don't tell', right? After interviewing hundreds of startup founders and investors in the InnMind community, listening to their challenges during their fundraising journeys and doing several pre launches, we are convinced this is the best tool for you to get funded.

Open databases provide detailed information about the majority of companies out there, but the information is not always accurate and up-to-date along with the fact that you still need to go somewhere else to reach out to them using a ‘cold’ approach. As a user, you never know what is the actual strategy of this company, whether this startup is currently raising capital or not and whether the company or an investor will be indeed a good fit rather than a waste of your time.

Seeing how the goals and needs of startup teams and investors progress in the direction of quality over quantity and convenience over complexity, we started working on upgrading InnMind platform to become a unique solution combining social features, only quality connections and the most accurate information to facilitate an efficient deal origination.

Today we are excited to announce that after a successful alpha testing period, we are ready to open the new platform to all our startups and investors on InnMind as well as new coming users!

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But before we dive deeper into the new functionality, we encourage everyone who is interested to learn more about the new release from first hands - join us at the special cozy session this Friday (30th April) at 17:00 CEST where InnMind’s founder, Nelli Orlova, and CMO, Zineb Layachi, will show you how it works and share with you how startups are using it to successfully connect and engage investors! Make sure to register here

What’s new for startups and investors?

Focusing on the warm approach to expose relevant startups in front of the matching investors, with the first release we implemented the following advancements:

New User Experience

We've designed a whole new user experience for startups & investors, starting from the profile creation to interaction between the members

Better startup and VC match-making algorithm

The algorithm analyses the parameters in the startup profile and matches them with the parameters of investors’ profiles so only relevant connections are in place. The max score is 500!

If you want to get better matches, ensure that you’ve filled in all the fields in your profile. And keep in mind: for startups the score is activated when the funding round is opened.

Open Funding Rounds

Startups can open the active funding round and active investors will be notified that you’re actively fundraising!

Talk to investors or startups right on the platform

We have integrated a messenger functionality and our members can now reach out to each other directly! If you have an open funding round as a startup, you can pitch directly to the matched investors without leaving the platform!

See who viewed your profile

Startups and investors can now see who viewed their professional profile (like in linkedin) and get more data on their profiles’ visibility within VC community

Share news in the feed

Share the most important updates about your startup or investment fund in the feed, and see updates from other founders and investors.

Adding startups directly to investors’ pipeline

Investors are now able to add interesting startups to their pipeline and move them according to the funnel. Also, they will be able to even make soft commitments to invest directly on the platform!

Creating a VC fund profile

Apart from an individual profile, investors can now create their VC fund’s or investment company’s profile in order to share the inbox, pipelines and other opportunities with the colleagues. This way, we provide an opportunity for all fund’s members to keep their niche investment focus as individuals while at the same time participate in the VC fund’s dealflow activities.

More features will be coming out on a daily basis including small improvements in the UX, as well as bigger releases such as connection possibilities, more advanced search, knowledge base, group introduction possibilities and startup toolbox!

We are excited to see this fresh start and encourage you to stay proactive on the new platform so we can grow together to the largest deal origination community in Europe and across the world!

What’s next?

  1. Make sure to log in (if you log in to the new platform for the first time, please restore your password by clicking the “forgot password” button) or sign up to the new platform
  2. Create your company’s profile and fill in all the details
  3. Register for the Friday session here
  4. Play around the new platform and test all the features
  5. Share with us your feedback and suggestions in the feed or write us at support@innmind.com (we would highly appreciate your opinion and suggestions for improvement❤️)

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