42 hours.

That’s how long I spend on my PlayStation every week.


That’s how much I earn by spending time on my Playstation every week.

This ☝️ is the problem with web2 gaming.

And Sony, the maker of the PlayStation, is trying to change it.

Btw the game we’re playing is  – Grand Theft Auto 6: Stablecrimes.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Stablecrimes

Last week, Sony revealed 2 patents to bring asset ownership to the PlayStation. They wanna do this through NFTs that gamers can own + transfer out of the games.

Sony applied for these patents in 2021 and sat on it for nearly 2 years before making it public in March 2023.

But first – wtf is a patent?

“A patent is kinda like intellectual property where the owner has the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention for a limited period of time.”

It’s like the adult version of “DIBs”

But now we can use lawyers and legal stuff to enforce it. 🤣

Here are the 2 patents Sony filed:

Patent 1️⃣: NFT framework for in-game transfers

Patent 2️⃣: Predicting the value of NFTs

Here’s the big takeaway from these patents:

“Accordingly, as further recognized herein, the functionality of the game may be enhanced by enabling gamers and/or spectators to exclusively use the asset and possibly transfer its rights to others via NFT.”

Allow us to explain. 🤓

In-game characters or parts of in-game characters within Sony’s games (God of War, The Last of US, Unchartered, etc) or the ones on Sony’s consoles (PlayStation) can be turned into → NFTs.

What can be turned into NFTs?

Here’s 👇 what Sony mentioned

💪 skill

🧥 skin

👤 avatar

🗡️ weapon

🎭 artwork

What can gamers do once these in-game features are turned into NFTs?

They can:

  1. Collect → These can either be in versus-battles against other players, or by versus-computer battles like completing missions, questions, or earning cumulative points.
  2. Trade → Gamers can buy + sell + transfer them between individual accounts. Sony is also making it inter-transferable between gaming consoles, i.e. between PS4 and PS5.
  3. Create → The patent also mentions the creation (or minting) of the NFT and the ability to move ot between different games.

From the patent 👇

“The digital asset (and even first NFT itself) may be created and maintained in an agreed-upon standardized or unified file format for cross-compatibility across multiple different games and multiple different platforms/consoles (from different manufacturers) so that the asset is usable/readable across different games and platforms.”

Imagine Kratos using a sniper from The Last Of Us to fight off the Tatzelwurm. 😟

Beyond this, one of the patents hints at Sony creating a way for “predicting value of NFTs.”

This is fancy talk for → building a marketplace for these in-game NFTs.

Sony uses the example of the bidding process for The “Boss Sword” NFT in the patent 😂

I’m 💀 serious:

Sony's example of the bidding process for The “Boss Sword” NFT in the patent

Really Sony?

After coming up with weapon names like:

⚔️ Blades of Chaos

🔪 Blade Of Olympus

🪓 The Leviathan Axe

Ya’ll going with – 😎 The Boss Sword? 🤣

But it’s still a cool thing NGL.

Having the chance to buy an in-game asset like a sword off a cool game like God Of War (or whatever you play 💁‍♀️ ) is sick af! 👌

And using it in-game to kill other medieval characters is sicker.

But you know what’s the sickest?


The ability to either trade these NFTs outside the game across other games or even across blockchains.

Sony is, probably, doing the former, but probably not the latter. 🤷‍♂️

Also, the patent has no mention of a wallet connection to transfer crypto into the games → buy the NFTs → play with them in the game → earn more NFTs → sell the NFTs → transfer the money out.

Sony is probably not making a whole new kinda web2 🤝 web3 game.

Instead, they’re tryna make an interconnected economy within Sony games and even Sony-consoles-based games.

Tbh, this is a neat step. And they’ve got LEGAL DIBs 🧑‍⚖️ on it through the patents.

But how will it pan out?

At Innmind, we’re super 🔥 excited for the new wave of web2 gaming + complete with an in-game economy through NFTs as commodities.

But what do you think of this?

And if you’re a web3 gaming company tryna build the next Sony, give us a 👋 and pitch it on our next GameFi pitching sessions.

(I’m gonna go back to playing FIFA on the PlayStation 😮‍💨)

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