This September InnMind platform has been enlarged by hundreds of talented startup teams who are willing to expose their technology-oriented solutions to the rest of the ecosystem players, such as VC funds, angel investors, industry experts, corporates and others! Let’s take a look at the top selected projects:

Dataprodigy (Italy)

AI & BigData platform that uses different connectors and models to read from different sources and transform human language in data request. It based on NodeJS technology and it's made without using and Cloud-based solution to guarantee the option to install it on promise.

Artforge (Bulgaria)

ArtForge Ltd. is a new gaming studio from Bulgaria. They are at the early stages of development of our debut game - “Realms of Eternity” - a 3D, multiplayer, Hack&Slash, Action game with Sandbox elements. Their team is an international one and several of our teammates have been part of big corporations, such as Gameloft, DreamWorks Animation, Rockstar Games, etc., and have worked on titles like: How to train your dragon, X-Men, Red Dead Redemption 2, Dr. Dolittle, etc.

Ideaology (Switzerland)

Ideaology is an blockchain project that strives to connect three type of users on one unique business network platform. Innovators, developers and investors connected in one platform create our ecosystem which cover four steps from idea to crowdfunding. Combined with Ideaology (IDEA) coin platform receives great benefits as possibility to have the lowest fees that currently exist online and crowdfunding methods.

White rabbit (Norway)

White Rabbit identifies films streamed, allowing users to watch films anywhere and pay rights holders directly. Similar to Shazam identifying music, White Rabbit allows the audience to pay for films directly to the rights holders. B2C customers pay by credit card but they use blockchain to complete transactions to rights holders in seconds.

  • Stream anywhere, no need to subscribe with more films than Netflix
  • Pay and play, two clicks to watch and pay for your film
  • P2P streaming means little AWS or similar costs
  • Transactions to rights holders happen in seconds, rather than months and years.

D-PAO (Switzerland)

P-DAO is a DeFi venture in the field of group investing using clustered DAO structures. They have a mobile-first approach and a strong focus on simple and intuitive UI/UX. Their goal is to bridge the gap between the obvious advantages of institutional investors vs. private investors using group intelligence and joint forces in DAO-based focus groups.

RoboAI (Spain)

ROBO.AI is an enterprise-grade conversation platform that enables conversation between customers and brands through messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, WeChat, and others. The team is focused on an AI product and services development, that support businesses by applying AI to processes as well as systems integration. The company is on the revenue stage and works with such customers as Mercedes Benz, Smart, BMW and other large corporations. RoboAI co-founder also pitched as one of the participants at the recent VC Shark Tank Pitching Session by InnMind!

Feeder (Spain)

Feeder is a social network focused on marketing agencies and professionals that provides emotional analysis of the reactions of its users in real time through facial recognition technology. Feeder co-founder also pitched as one of the participants at the recent VC Shark Tank Pitching Session by InnMind!

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