On the 15th of April, InnMind held the second edition of the startup pitching sessions focused on Blockchain, Web3, NFT, Crypto and DeFi startups.

The event was highlighted with participants’ expectations due to the great success of the previous session dedicated to Blockchain & Crypto startups where 4 startups from 8 got funded!

At the event, there were startups from over the world:

Along with 7+ new top tier VCs in InnMind community:

After the VCs’ short presentation, each startup had 5 minutes to tell about the product and pitch their solution. The open Q&A session was followed by every pitch.

At the end of the session, InnMind’s host, Nelli Orlova, asked investors to share some pieces of practical advice for all founders in the industry.

Yushan told startups that before funding they should make sure that the startup has enough people to use the product. It is better than having a great product without users.

Tom also added that startups should make sure that the solution adds value to the target audience. You shouldn’t copy all the advantages of other protocols or other ideas and combine them. Create something new and listen to your community.

Etienne from TRG Capital provided short but capacious advice in terms of what is needed for every business (not only Crypto): “...everything is beautiful right now, everybody is a financial genius but you should have a plan for bearing your market. ”

Watch the recording of this session below in order to watch the full session, analyze the pitches and get to know the questions addressed by investors. Don’t forget to subscribe to the InnMind Youtube channel to find useful staff for business development.

InnMind VC Pitching Session is a virtual event, whereby startup founders from all over the world e-meet invited investors, business angels, and VC firms and pitch their solutions live to get feedback and find funding!

If you have MVP and first sales in your startup, and you're raising funds to grow, scale and enter new markets, you're more than welcome to apply and pitch on our next session. Check the upcoming pitching sessions here.

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