InnMind conducted a private event for Mastercard where pre-selected Web3 startups pitched their solutions to the company’s business units looking for innovative technologies within the blockchain and Web3 verticals.

Observing the high speed of web evolution alongside the projected Web3 market value of $41 bn by 2028, startups in this sector are attracting more interest not only from Venture Capitals, but also from large enterprises. Based on the current appetite of multinational brands and technology whales, it is clear that while some are just starting to explore the applications of crypto, DeFi, blockchain and the metaverse, others are gaining the first-mover advantage and becoming early adopters in this technology revolution.

Mastercard is one of the leading multinationals proactively exploring and participating in the emerging Web3 ecosystem. The company is finding new ways to match existing products with the new solutions.

In May, InnMind facilitated a private live session where nine pre-selected startups from its network pitched their solutions to a number of Mastercard teams from Europe, USA, Israel, Singapore, and other countries. The solutions showcased by these startups represented numerous verticals, including crypto-as-a-service, sustainability, the metaverse, gaming, DeFi/FinTech, blockchain and more.

As a result of the session, Mastercard selected over 65% of the startups for a follow-up to discuss future collaboration potential.

Mastercard offers a portfolio of solutions for the FinTech segment via the Developers platform. The company provides a clear path for every FinTech builder and payments developer to work collaboratively, using their API platform and tools, global network, multi-rail solutions, qualified partner network and dedicated start up programs to help them succeed.

InnMind is the leading deal-origination platform, where investors and corporate analysts can register and join the network absolutely for free to explore the most proactive and forward-thinking startups within the Web3 vertical.

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